Saturday 4 April 2020

I Spek - All my Audio Interviews and Podcasts

My voice - surprisingly nasal. Here is a page of links, like a library of all the podcasts and recordings where I have been interviewed by, or talked with, someone else.

Zock Bock Radio - this was a long one about BFR but it covered a wide range.

Noisms from Monsters and Manuals - mainly about my personal history

Her Christmas Knight! - so handsome! Mainly about Broken Fire Regime

The Smart Party Interview - pre Silent Titans

Udda ting with Henrik Möller - mainly about VotE

Loco Ludus - general gaming culture

The Magniloquent Moth with Salinday, Part 1

The Magniloquent Moth with Salinday, Part 2 - another pretty wide ranging talk.

The Worm Ouroboros I talk with Tom Fitzgerald of 'Middenmurk' about the book, 'The Work Ouroboros'

The Great Crystal Debate w Kiel Chenier. Crystals, good or bad? = BAD


A series of conversations I had with Scrap

Podecast One

Podecast Two - Monsters

Podecast Three - Beauty

Podecast Six - Bees!

Podecast Five - Relateable Content!

Podecast Six - The Wonderful Kererū


  1. Patrick! I'm really sorry to be like this... It's "Udda ting", with an "a" (please don't curse at me)