Saturday 23 December 2023

 I fully intended to do at least one full, proper post before the Gackling Moon Kickstarter ends on Christmas Eve..

And I have failed! I am sorry!

At least we have hit some stretch goals;

All backers will get a free interlinked PDF! (the rest of you will have to pay £5)

The Book will now be Hardback for all!

We are taking £1 off the cost (either of the book price or postage, whichever is easier), for all backers!

We have about 24 hours left, so…

Its possible we might hit this one; £2 off for all backers.

And if we get that one..


At backers request, you can now back for two books!

Gackling Moon!

Take a look if you want to! Merry Christmas Everyone!