Wednesday 23 November 2016

Gawain 970 - 994, Best party ever.

Gawains glance at that lady came graciously back,
With leave of the lord he leads them away;
The elder hails nobly, bowing full low,
The lovelier he loops a little in his arms.
He kisses her comely, gives his knightly name.
They crave his acquaintance, and he quickly asks
To be her servant, sincerely, if they himself like.
They take him between them, with talking him lead
To chamber, to chimney, and chiefly they ask
Sweetmeats, that unstinting men speeded them to bring,
Between bites, each time, sipped bubbling wine.
The lord full ofte leaped lightly aloft,
And smiling mandated mirth to be made,
Happily snatched off his hood and on a spear hung,
And tasked them to win the worship thereof
That most mirth made that Christmas while.
"And I shall claim, by my creed, to compete with the best
And win back my wearing, with help from my friends."
Thus with laughing laws the lord makes his aim
For to gladden Sir Gawain with games in hall
          that night.
Till dark turns the time
The lord commands light;
Sir Gawain the stairs climbs
To his bed he alights.

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