Saturday, 19 November 2016

Gawain 842 - 874, Gawain meets another really good-looking guy.

Gawain glanced up at the good gentleman's word,
And thought it a bold baron that this burgh had,
A huge horse-lord, humongous, and of a high age;
Broad and bright was his beard, and all beaver-hued,
Stern, stiff to the stride on stalwart shanks,
Face fierce as the fire, and free of his speech;
And well it seemed, sincerely, as our Sire thought,
He lead as their liege-man these ladies and lords.
The lord him conducts to a chamber and chiefly commands
To send him some servants, his self to assist;
And there were brought at his bidding butlers enough
That bore him to a bright bower, who's bedding was noble,
Of curtains of clean silk with clear gold hems,
And coverlets full curious with comely panes
Of effulgent ermine, embroidered besides,
Shrouds running on ropes through red gold rings,
Tapestries tight to the wall, of Toluse and Tars,
And strewn under step, several of similar kind.
There he was deposed, with speeches of mirth,
The steel from his shoulders and all his cool clothes.
Rich robes full radiant retainers him brought,
For to charge and to change and choose of the best.
When one he picked, and placed therein,
That sat on him seemly, with streaming skirts,
So suited the Chevalier, like jewel set in ring,
He brightened the boudoir, from winter brought spring,
Gleaming and lovely, all his limbs under,
That a comelier knight never Christ made
          or caught.
Wherever in the world he were,
They all thought he must
Be prince without peer
In field where fell fought.

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