Friday, 18 November 2016

Gawain 811 - 841, Everyone here agrees that Gawain is just great.

"Good sir," said Gawain, "would you give my request
To the high lord of this house, harbour to crave?"
"Saint Peter!" the porter said, "I'll promptly go sir
And you are welcome, wanderer to while away here."
Then slipped out the wise servant and came again swift,
And a good gathering with him, to greet the knight.
They let down the draw-bridge and decorously came,
And kneeled down on their knees upon the cold earth
To welcome the equestrian, as worthy him thought;
They beckon him through the broad gate, gaping wide,
He requests them to rise and rides over the bridge.
Several squires seize his saddle, while he alights,
And Gringolet is stabled by some serious grooms.
Knights and squires come rushing down
For to bring this Brave with bliss into hall;
When he hefted his helm, they hurried forth
To lift it from him lightly, his lordship to serve;
His brand and his blazon also were taken.
Then hailed he full honorably the household each,
And many proud men there pressed, that prince to honor.
All hasped in his harness they brought him to hall,
Where fair fire on hearth-flags fiercely burned.
Then the lord of this land leaves his chamber
For to merrily meet the man who arrived.
he said, "You are welcome to wear as you like
All that is here as your own, to have at your will
          and wield.
"Grant mercy," said Gawain,
May Christ be your shield."
As friends that seemed fair
They embraced in arms sealed.

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