Sunday, 27 November 2016

Gawain 1079 - 1104, (・_・;)

Then was Gawain full glad, and gamely he laughed:
"Now I thank you full-totally before all other things;
Now achieved is my chance, I shall at your will
Dwell, and else do what you so deem."
Then seized him the sire and set him beside,
Let the ladies be fetched to like them the better.
There was some solace by themselves still;
The lord let out for love, language so merry,
Like one wild of his wit, who knew not what he did.
Then he spoke to the chevalier, stated aloud,
"Since you have deemed to do the deed I bid;
Will you hold this oath, here, now, at once?"
"Yes, sir, for certain," said the true knight,
"While I bide in your burgh, I'll obey your command."
"As you have traveled," said his protector, "truly far,
And since waked with me, you are not well suffused
Neither of sustenance nor of sleep, certain I know.
You shall sleep in your loft and lie in your ease
Tomorrow till the Mass-time, and to meat wend
When you will, with my wife, that with you shall sit
And comfort you with company, till I to court return.
          You rest
And I shall early rise
And a hunt make my quest."
Gawain grants all this,
And bows, as a good guest.

I am not making this any gayer than it is in the original, I swear.

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