Thursday 24 November 2022

Spinter Giants and Dirk Detweiler Leichty


Yesterday we smashed through another two GOALS on the False Machine Kickstarter, work by Valin Mattheis will now be included in the book, and in the fell swoop of a moment, the wonder-worker Dirk Detweiler Leichty will also be included!

The fact that it took so long to climb over the pile of bloodstained gold between I and Valin Mattheis and that we stumbled and slipped down the other side of that pile, only snatching Dirk to our breasts at the last minute, meant I never got to do any posts about him - so I am doing that now.


As I talked about in my recent interview about ART, Dirks style is hard to contain and describe. He is clearly unlike almost any other kind of artist in this "scene" or any other.

(Actually a piece named "Tower Giants" by Dirk)

What do I see? These slices of perspective that I can only call Cubist, the landscape interlaced with figures, splinters of time and these BOLD arrangements of composition. Slices of depthless colour.

Regarding composition - if you do the trick of turning the image upside down there is another image there, a white one sending these previously unseen lightning strikes up into the top of the picture.

And the figures, these distorted columns, strange presidents, twisted monuments like statues, these look like they could be cardboard cut-outs of giants, like trick playing cards or the interiors of  complex stand-up books - so there is another layer of metatextuality.

So a lot of Dirks pictures of things or people are also somehow pictures of environments, and a lot of his pictures of environments also somehow end up being like pictures of people, the interlacing of the imagined organic/personal with the imagined space, scene and character becoming one, 

A keen awareness of three-dimensional space, at times an obsession with the isometric, but also a compulsion to warp or Escher that space, to change or reinterpret its rules, the isometric space being, really, a particular kind of pronescium(?) arch which combines the presentation of theatre and the semi-illusion of three-dimensionality (except unless you can 'turn the camera around' most games don't actually make use of a full 360 space - those Nintendo cubes are often just empty void on the other side).

Probably Dirk is a theatre set designer from another world because that’s what a lot of his images are, the designs of theatre sets from planes with more angles than ours.


The question of what the Splinter Giants are, of what they are doing to this space, splintering apart this city even as they walk through it; what do the city-dwellers see? A giant pair of legs appearing like a magicians illusion, like a fragment in a mirror, walking over walls, transforming into a giant advertising board, turn your head and there is part of the torso and a hand, seen from a different direction, heading a different way yet synchronised with and clearly an aspect of the same figure, a figure which is interacting with this world coherently to it, though with its embodiment seems splintered to us.

The giant of course, sees their own body utterly normally - to them they are walking, slowly, carefully, through a shattered mosaic of splintered time, beset by a dozen fragments of broken noise as their head turns, the sunlight leaping and stuttering from place to place, direction to direction.

To us it might seem that the giant fools with time; a head cries out in doppler, a torso shudders, and then, a second later, a car drives into a set of displaced feet..

Well, things happen roughly around the same time, that’s consciousness for you, so long as its all generally in some kind of sequence it should be fine. Giants have huge skulls and huge brains after all, a long low wave of binding and unbindings, of sense and comprehension, even for a normal giant a 'moment' is quite long; they only have 45 seconds in a minute and their days are 22 hours long. That’s without even considering the curious paradigm of the splinter giants  - perhaps the splintering is more a mental effect than anything else, a curiosity of giant consciousness, maybe to insects we look like splinter giants and the whole thing is just a strange meshing of different frames of reference. 

Perhaps a Splinter Giant is just a giant with a complex temporary mental condition.


Ana Polanšćak! The Gardener of Hecate herself! Someone who's name I have butcherd so badly and so often you could use it to fill sausages.. Only about £250 away with 7 days left!


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