Tuesday 1 November 2022

'Speak, False Machine' Kickstarter is LIVE!

Its a big book collecting and organising most of the blog posts from the first ten years of False Machine. 

How big? Fucking huge; pinched crown quarto and over 650 pages and half a million words long. 

Grab it if you want a Weapon of Words to wield against the oncoming dark, (or if you desire a curious level of intimacy with my mind) and if you can't afford that, back the PDF (which is cheap).


As usual I have made zero media plans and have no marketing budget. 

If you want to help spread or re-link the Kickstarter I think the best times to do so are now and in the final few days.

If you have ideas or desires for blog posts you would like to see over November, or interviews or anything else that might drag me into the light of public attention, you can let me know here, on my socials or at pjamesstuart@gmail.com


We have a bunch of funding levels at which the quality of the book will improve, including pieces from a range of OSR-adjacent artists so check those out if you are interested.

I only need 590 rich and/or crazy backers to hit every art and design goal! Its theoretically possible!


  1. Herbie rules.

    What posts will you leave out? Those about the "scene"/blogs/Google +/OSR drama?

    1. A lot of the Drama ones are still in. Some of those so insane they are nearly contextless are out. Anything that has already appeared in a book or is meant to appear in a book is not there, ie the VotE monster development posts etc

  2. Thank you for the notification. Fingers crossed for success.