Thursday, 7 December 2017

Like to a storme, which hovers under skie - FQ Book 4 Canto 9

Haivng already killed the main bad guy, Arthur gets entrance to his keep through a surprisingly Murderhobo-eque method;

"That headlesse tyrants tronke he reard from ground,
And having ympt the head to it agayn,
Upon his usuall beast it firmly bound,
And made it so to ride, as it alive was found.

Then did he take that chaced Squire, and layd
Before the ryder, as he captive were,
And made his Dwarfe, though with unwilling ayd,
To guide the beast, that did his maister beare,
Till to his castle they approched neare.
Whom when the watch, that kept continuall war
Saw comming home; all voide of doubtfull feare,
He running downe, the gate to him unbard;
Whom straight the Prince ensuing, in together far'd."

Arthur takes over the castle, robs everything, marries everyone available to anyone convenient and leaves with Amoret.

They run into a giant pile of Knights, Paridell, Blandamour and two more, all fighting Britomart and Scudamour, its still about the whole False Florimell situation.

Arthur wades in, intitially trying to make peace;

"But they so farre from peace or pataience were,
That all at once at him gan fiercely flie,
And lay on load, as they him downe would beare;
Like to a storme, which hovers under skie
Long here and there, and round about doth stie,
At length breakes downe in raine, and haile, and sleet,
First from one coast, till nought thereof be drie;
And then another, till that likewise fleet;
And so from side to side till all the world it weet."

So he just beats everyone up and tries again, they are more ameanable.

Things calm down and they ask Scudamour (no-one has mentioned Amoret, I assume shes right there, possibly a big reveal next canto?) to tell his story....

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