Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Telepathic Snails

"O.K the guy has a bag full of snails. About 900 of them."


"Yes, and they have shells of solid silver."

"How much per shell?"

"About one silver piece per shell."

"Can I get XP for that?"

"Yes, if you sell them. But.. You hear a tiny piping voice in your head. It's screaming, 'don't hurt us pleeeease'."

"Are the snails telepathic?"

"And intelligent. And they are begging you for help. So. Will you sell the innoc.."

"Can we make a deal with the snails so that we put them in a shed or wherever they need to go but some come with us and we can carry one each and talk to them and they can communicate with each other so we have like telepathic radio?"

"...... I can't see any reason why not."

1 comment:

  1. Cool idea: keep us posted on their misadventures with the snails. Surely, if the snails get separated from their "radio range" there has to be DIRE CONSEQUENCES...