Wednesday, 4 July 2012


That has to be the most emotional game of D&D I've ever played. half way through I was pretty sure that Teen1 and Teen2 were going to stop being friends. They conspired against each other, let each other down and spent most of their time trying to get their characters as far away from each other as possible. Even in the dungeon.

Half way through I had to give them 3 minutes of Republican Dad, a lengthy speech which begin with 'O.K, fuck your freedom of agency' and ended with 'you will work together as a team or I swear to god I will fucking kill you.'. I honestly thought his might be the last game as they wouldn't turn up again.

The whole thing ended with the teens finally learning to check for traps by throwing rocks, discovering a secret door, rescuing the family of a local farmer and  tricking some skeletons out of treasure. Teen1 volunteered to stay behind and hold of the monsters while the other two escaped. They chose to stay as well and Teen2 ended up sacrificing himself to save Teen1, who had been reduced to Zero HP while Teen3 saved them all by setting his Vornheim Hexenhund on the remaining skeletons.

And everyone went home happy.

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