Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dragonraid Deities


The Names of Christ from bonkers evangelical christian D&D clone Dragonraid sound exactly like the titles from the village/cult leaders from Carcosa.

As of now every single one of these is now a separate god in my setting. They all hate each other. New clerics will be asked to choose one to worship.

The Offspring of the Woman Who Crushes the Serpent
Shiloh, the Great Rest
Star of Brilliant Leader Who Came Out of Judah
The Sceptre of Ruling Authority from out of Israel
Rose of Sharon
Lily of the Valley
Wonderful Councillor
The Mighty God
The Everlasting Father
Prince of Peace
Branch That bears Fruit from the Root of Jesse
Banner for the Peoples
The Arm of the Lord
Man of Sorrows
Leader and Commander
Lord of Righteousness
Ancient of Days
Anointed One
Desire of All Nations
Messenger of the Covenant
Sun of Righteousness
Son of David
Immanuel, God with Us
Son of Man
Holy One
Our Brother
Horn of Salvation
Dayspring (Sunrise)
The Great Physician
The Word
Lamb of God
The Christ, Son of the Living God
Only Begotten Son
The Messiah
Living Water
Saviour of the World
Bread of Life
Light of the World
The “I Am”
The Door
The Good Shepherd
The Resurrection and the Life
The Way
The Truth
The Life
The True Vine
Our Passover
The Spiritual Rock the Quenches Thirst
The Last Adam
The Indescribable Gift
The Beloved of God in Whom We are Accepted
Chief Cornerstone
Head of the Church
Image of the Invisible God
Firstborn over All Creation
Creator and Sustainer of the Universe
Firstborn from Among the Dead
The Supreme in Everything
All in All
Our Hope
Our Ransom
Blessed and Only Potentate
The King of Kings
Lord of Lords
Heir of All Things
The Radiance of Gods Glory
Exact Representation of Gods Glory
Exact Representation of Gods Being
Pioneer of Salvation
Apostle of Our Profession
High Priest
Guarantee of a Better Covenant
Pioneer of Our Faith
Shepherd and Overseer of Our Souls
Our Advocate with The Father
The Atoning Sacrifice
The Almighty
The Living One
The Amen
Faithful and True Witness
Lion of the Tribe of Judah
Alpha and Omega
The Root and The Offspring of David
The Bright Morning Star

Next I'm going to the Demonicpedia for the alternative list.


  1. I really like this, but I would be scared of awakening any nascent evangelicalism in my group. On the other hand, we have at least two players who could probably out-grindhouse Mr. Raggi himself, so anyone who would be offended by this would have left already.

    1. Teen2 just rolled up a new character. Whenever they do this I ask if they want to roll a random relationship with the other players from the big d100 table.

      They said yes and also said they intended to accept the relationship whatever it turned out to be. Teen1 and Teen2 are now playing gay overs who are each looking to trade up. They seem fine with it. Even insisted on taking the same pretend room when they stayed at the pretend inn.

      A similar thing happened before and I told them they could re-roll if they wanted to. Later Teen1 said I should have been tougher and forced them to take the result of the roll. I said that would have been a 30 year old man forcing two teenage boys into a pretend homosexual relationship and thats a headline I'm not ready for.