Friday, 6 July 2012

Riddle me this..

I am the sightless eye
blinded by time.
I welcomed in the sun
and sent back the rest.
My masters left me.
boys killed me.
all pass freely.
none care.

I lead you to love
and drum-beat at death.
In my white-walled city I am the strongest.
Yet I will never rule.
You can break me with a glance.
But if my music stops
the city falls.

A mighty hoard I guard
that glimmers
in the wooden paths
of a bright dungeon.

My round roof spins fast - graven metal glints.
My house walls hollow - the tick tock of a clock.
Trust me too much I will kill you
but you wont survive a day without me.
You beg me questions but
throw my idols down.

I am like no other art
my brush marks red wherever it goes
and always leaves less behind than was.
I am a great sculptor of flesh
but my figures fail, missing some part.
I made them so.
Know me and know sorrow,
ignore me and know more.

I can take anything from your hands
Though I hold nothing.
I have seen secrets you friends have not.
But you barely see me at all.
My betrayal can lock every door against you.
But command me once more, make me loyal
with cord, and a spear of steel.

I have held your face,
You turned away.
I looked into your eyes,
You cursed me.
I took your cloak and hat,
You did not thank me.
I make bread,
and play with the grain.

My mother in the wood loves the sky.
I fear it.
my hundred grey daughters kiss the earth.
I spurn it.
I hunger for the company of close crowds.
They hate me.
I will dance for you like no other
but only
when all else is still.


  1. I'm fairly sure I knw 2, 5, and 6, and have a hunch about 8....any chance you'll post the answers?

    1. 2 is the heart, 5 is the art of war, 6 is your pocket. Do you want the rest?

    2. I would like to know the rest, yes.

    3. 1 a broken window

      2 the heart

      3 a magpies nest

      4 luck or chance

      5 the art of war

      6 your pocket

      7 the wind

      8 smoke