Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Char-Gen in Silent Titans

Part One

2 hp
3 hp
or Less
Max (Maximum) Goblins
Rail Gun (d10), Polycarbonate Sports Jacket (Armour 2). An idiot from the future who thinks this is a simulation.
 Arkady Mesmer
Kalashnikov (d8 area), Land Mine (3d10 area, single use), Medical Doctor – can heal damage to STR. Cold-War Russian Patriot & full-on commie.
Bebghul Beltoon
Jezzail (d8, long range), psychic link to his impressive Hawk, no man can kill him. Fated Afghan Mercenary and Anglophobe.
Victoria Vanderbilt
Rifle (d8), Bayonet (d6), ‘Abdu’ Swahili Lighter Boy with Lamp. Unmarried debutante with famously ‘fine figure’. Climbs like an ape.
Skeleton Eight
M16 (d8, area or long range, slaved to his grip), Armour 2, Dark-Vision Eye. Cybernetic Veteran of a near-future war. Has breakdowns & fears gunfire.
Alan Bleasdale
Musket (d8), Fancy Suit.
Kleptomaniac. Can Pick Pockets without a roll but can never too the truth to someone who’s pocket he has picked.
Captain Sam Starr
Rifle (d8), Modern Armour, ‘Bertilak’ – a Loyal Attack-Woodwose (S16,D15,W7(d6)).
Ex-con and experienced ‘Agent of Mystery’
‘Pixie’ Realism
Taser (d6), Pistol (d6), Bolt-cutters, language-cracking phone-app,
‘Batman’-style grapple-gun.
Near-future thief, incursion specialist and anonymous commenter
Ricky Stubbs
Rifle (d8), Mallet, marbles, Fancy Hat, d6 Tear-Gas Grenades. Teenage Stowaway, Music-Hall fanatic and chronic ‘gabber’.
India Flips
Club (d6), Throwing Knives (d6). Expert Gymnast and Contortionist. Charming, seems harmless. 13 years old.
Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Teetzman
Musket (d8), Friendly Mule.
Extremely Beautiful Pre-Raphaelites model, ex slum-dweller and severe melancholic. Animals and fools are instantly charmed.
Sister Mary Philomena
Policeman’s Baton (d6), Manacles, sewing bag with 2d4 Molotov Cocktails (d6 & Sets Alight). Former Nun and current Pyromaniac,
Jack ‘Iceberg’ Berg
Pistol (d6), Lead-Cored Walking Stick (d6). Experienced Pugilist
Fist attacks do d6 damage. Can ‘read’ Hit Points. 65 years old.
Nikita Eeek
Sword (d6), Pistol (d6), Painting Set, Amphetamines – hp immediately restored & all tests with advantage for 1 hour, then at disadvantage till a long rest. Radical Artist, Exceptional Hair.
Zephaniah Williams
Pick-Axe (d6), Pistol (d6), Smoke-Bomb, ‘Newport Rising’ - loyal hound. A coal-miner, rabble-rouser and a Damned Chartist.
Godbold Stag-Star
Glass Sword (d6) Grappling Hook A fey-touched mesmerist and a Stag. Can make women hallucinate.
Porphyria Zome
Pistol (d6), Ball-bearings, steel wire, Smoke-Bomb, lard, grapple, bag of flour, lots of rope. An extremely silly young girl.
Goneril Pig-Maiden
Long Axe (d8), Throwing Axes, juggling batons, Fire Oil. A failed juggler, competent card sharp, and a pig.ide
Fanny Peel
Pistol Brace (d8), Ether.
Pug ‘Lord Wellington’ (STR 3, Bite (d2). Dowager obsessed with her small and useless dog.
Ahumm the Phoenician
Xiphos (d8), Fire Oil, Hannibal the Trained Ferret.. Mercantile, crafty and faithful to Baal.
Chastity Glean
Blackjack (d6), Derringer (d4, close), Ether, Crowbar, Fiddle. A Plain Housemaid with Sapphic Drives.
Thomas Thursday
Musket (d8), Pocket Watch, Bomb. Educated Laudanum addict, suspected (actual) Kropotkinist.
Mary Planks
Staff (d8), Tongs, Glue, Small Ale  barrel. Over-sociable Ale-Wife with a sharp tongue and iron constitution.
Guy Grebe
Hatchet (d6), Net, Fire Oil, Respirator. Shocked survivor of a submarine disaster. Severe claustrophobe.
Ruth Shuddering
British Cavalry Sabre (d6), Musket (d8). Escaped Prisoner & experienced cross-dresser.
Belinda Hive
Cleaver (d6), Jar of Ether. Spinster, former Bedlamite. Sees Things.
Gislebert Le Clerc
Longsword (d8), Shield (Armour 1), Writing Set. Norman Knight, Proud of his ability to read and write.
Augustus Ephraim Brown
Shotgun (d8). Victorian Gentleman in frock coat and top hat. Faints Under Stress.
Issy Ganger
Stolen sword (d6)  Stolen Silver Chalice (1g). Hysterical Serving Girl who weeps too much.
Hyrelgas Moon-Wolf
Longbow (d8), Spyglass, Pipe.
A rogue with a taste for wine and bitches, and a Wolf.

Part Two

4 hp
6 hp

Philemon Phix
Colt 45 (d6), Badge. Cuffs. Telepathy if target fails WIL save. They feel its use. Psychic cop on the edge from a cyberpunk future..
Izreldis Cornovii
Were-Wolf  d10 each to STR & DEX, d8 claws, silver to harm, WIL test to return. Lover of the Horned God and hater of the Roman Invaders..
Lady Jane Grey
An escaped Historical Theme-Park Robot. You do not need to eat, drink or breathe and know absolutely you are Human.
9 or Less
Alice Bramble
Claymore (d8), Pistol (d6), 2 Acid Flasks, Family-Sized Bottle of Rohypnol. Delusional sailors daughter brilliantly faking nobility.
Nazia Near
Pistol Brace (d8), Steel Wire, Grappling Hook, 3 Haywire Grenades, (shut down machinery). Time-Travelling Robot Hunter and secret Human-Supremacist
Wilma Wheatley
303 Lee-Enfield Rifle (d8), Cleaver (d6), Samwise – a Highly Intelligent Pig. Butchers Wife and Born Survivor.
Amity Silence
Bayonet (d6), Pistol (d6)
Wolf-Mask which bestows illusion of being a wild wolf. Puritan refugee of the English Civil War.
Margi Clarke
Machete (d6), Pistol Brace (d8), ‘King James’ the Talking Parrot, Never Sleeps. Pirate, Catholic ex-slave and ardent Royalist.
Ignogin Deer-Queen
Club (d6), Longbow (d8), 3 Grenades, Military Night-Vision headset. A law-and-decency obsessed night-stalker and vigilante. Also a Deer.
Bramwell Salvation
Pistol (d6), Rocket, Soap.
“Soup, Soap and Salvation”. Enthusiastic Methodist and teetotaller. Fearless if singing. Affects group if they join in.
Emily Gondal
Harpoon Gun (d8), Baton (d6)
Mordant Georgian Governess. Mildly Telekinetic - can lift up to an apples mass with her neocortex & cook sausages with her brain.
Nameless Pale
Branch-Club (d6), Organic Tooth-Pistol (d6), Heavy-duty Bin-Bags. A pale and hairless clone, with no memory or identity.
Cordelia Von Holtzendorf
Lantern, Climbing, Camping and Mapping Equipment. Webley revolver (d6). Seems Grave and intelligent, actually a Daft Floozy and Outrageous Flirt.
Renwein Goat-Saint
Bolt-Cutters, Blunderbuss (d8, area), Fiddle. Obsessively independent, anti-authoritarian, intellectually and literally omnivorous, and a Goat.
Fred Daggs
Lee-Enfield Rifle (d8), 3 Grenades (d6, area). 17 year-old Home Guard Member, fearful of ‘The Hun’. Has sandwiches.
John Frost
Brace of Pistols (d8), Cloak, Manacles, Mask, Vicars clothes. Deft & darkly handsome Highwayman with a High Voice.
Peredur Sun-Sheep
Pistol (d6), Grease, Hand Drill, Drum. A skilled worker, strange ally, suspect friend, fierce foe and literally and figurately a black sheep.
Charley Growling
Musket (d8), Bayonet (d6),
Knapsack. British Redcoat of the Napoleonic Wars. Compulsive Gambler.
Bow (d6), Short Sword (d6), Shield (1). Romano-British Cynicht, Arthurian Loyalist & anti-Saxon obsessive. Sounds Welsh.
Oidwald Cow-King
Woodsman’s Axe (d8), Saw, Animal Trap. A bipolar would-be diabolist, nature-hater, and a Cow.

Kaeso Clovius Cato
Gladius (d6), Pilum (d6), Lorca Segmentum & Shield (2). A rational Roman Legionnaire.
Dardan Boar-Woe
Whip (d6), Longbow (d8), Pack of Marked Cards. A needlessly inappropriate Boar.
Cathleen Core
Pistol (d6), Whiskey. Insurrectionist Irish Washerwoman with a Hook Hand. Fenian sympathies.
Ragnar Bluetooth
Sword (d6), Bow (d6) Shield (Armour1). Riddle-Addict. Sometimes goes Berserk.
Stale Haggai
Musket (d8), Dog (STR 6, Bite (d3). Old, with a Wooden Leg and a shameful dog.
Odbrict Bull-Joy
Flintlock Pistol (d6), Net Trumpet, Fishing Pole. Talks of ‘Looking after Number One’ Never actually does this. A Bull with a heart of gold.
Wulfred Half-Woodwose
Hawthorn Club (d6). Roll a d6 three times on the ‘Curse of the Woodwose” table. Ignore any doubles.
Edwin Fool-Bear
 Halberd (d8).  An extremely serious Christian with a good baritone, also a Bear.
Seskia Groob
One Long Pin (d6, close). A Hideous Tobacco-Chewing Crone.
Sir Colgrin Cador the Pure
A Knight magically transformed into an Orangutan. He cannot speak, but his heart is true.


  1. These are fun people and some of the names are strangely familiar

    1. Soooome of them are direct rips from your list of names. Others are simply 'inspired by'.

    2. words like "plank, ganger, growling, shuddering" tipped me off even before I recognised the names, as they are just very me words to use. Fred Daggs is name that only someone from New Zealand would use