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Well ITS TITINer 4 Mah regualalar seGgmEtN Ta reads of the week but I can't be bothered actually reading the
'blogosphere'. So here's who you should be and what you should have been writing about this week.

Zeke Hurling, Wrangel Island, Gilly Eggs, Melissa "Octogon" Daily

The gang have continued with what must be one of the longest running projects in the RPG blogosphere, a full conversion of Traveller to represent almost every story in Cordwainer Smith’s ‘Instrumentality of Man’ sequence. The team has finally reached ‘Scanners Live in Vain’ and both the background and the ruleset for the Scanners, along with the free adventure are all fascinating to read.

Calf Ambles, the South American cave explorer and expert in Mayan religion has his latest post up about Mayan Underworld and how it relates to the cave systems of Mexico and South America. He updates rarely between expeditions and they can be a long read but I recommend you put and hour aside to take a look. No-one knows the underworld like Ambles.

Mark "Mark" Jenkins’s twenty year study of west African ‘drum language’ has finally resulted in a breakdown of this aural/kinetic/psychological rhythm speech into easily comprehensible lessons. Not only that, but as a long time D&D fan he has created a game-useable drum language module! DM’s can now finally incorporate drum-language into their games in a way that is both intuitive and appropriate. You can download it for free from his site.

Kristos Tuxedos is continuing his construction of a new racially-inverse Game of Thrones series, set during the events of the first series , but on the other side of the world on a continent the size of Westros but with the racial mix exactly that of current real-life America, each racial group assumed to have been in its current position for thousands of years and each having a complex invented history. The prospective casting-and-workshop mechanism is being worked out ahead of time as several racial communities do not currently have a deep well of actors from which to draw. Each grouping is being given given to a different fantasy author to work out the background.

I know Tuxedos has received a lot of flack from for ‘appropriation’ and those criticisms may have some validity, but I for one am very excited about what he’s doing here.

In this post we find out that the so far un-named continent is being threatened by elemental forces emanating from ancient impact site volcanic calerdra, finally making sense of the prospective title, 'Empire of Fire'.

Moses Brown is continuing his giga-list of people capable of doing layout work on books. It now includes recent design graduates, the old guys who used to design dictionaries and bibles but who are now retired and a bunch of freelancers

Missy Peyote runs he sharpest RPG news blog in the internet and he does it for free. In this post she conforms that TSR have released the Harrison Hack of the 5th ed starter pack. Each release of the pack will contain a full playable game. The choice of which rules to include, their arrangement and advice, will depend on the Guest Editor for that Volume. Some have claimed J.M.Harrison’s game is both depressing and unplayable, well, soon we will find out for real.

Actual Play diaries from a prison librarian. Looks like the sharpened pencil is still missing and no-one owning up so the warden is keeping everyone in the study hall till someone breaks. Meanwhile, in the game, Tyron’s magic user ‘AK Forty’ is approaching the shores of
Kalbosh where he hopes to discover the truth about the Conspiracy of Smiles. Will the long-bubbling resentment between AK Forty and Markus's Cleric ‘HammerHood’ finally come to the surface and will it change the group dynamic? Theodore has promised to keep updating the blog till the random search guys realise his daily chocolate bar is a European iPhone.

Chuck has promised us rules for his Netsuke based game for a while, well here they are!

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