Friday, 2 May 2014

Crimes in the Empire of Glass

      1. Spreading Murk
2. Failing to Reflect
3. Occultism
4. Political Symmetry
5. Non-Political Symmetry
6. Offensive Asymmetry
7. Unusual Beauty
8. Vileness
9. Breaking
10. Staining
11. Marring
12. Blurring
13. Mist-Assistance
14. Summoning Clouds
15. Failure To Assist A Polisher In Their Work
16. Resisting Arrest
17. Querying
18. Failure To Suspect
19. Incomprehensible Thought
20. Hiding
21. Disguising
22. Looking At Your Feet
23. Secrets
24. Code
25. Non-Corrected Sight

Kingdoms Recently Absorbed Into the Empire Of Glass

The Pirate Forest of Decamp
The Thesparchy of the Princes Del’arte
Occupied Territories of the Tetrarchs of Dark
The Kingdom Mobilus
The March of Locks (long time loyalists)
(Smiling) Laleith

And Those On Its Borders That Still Resist

The Caliphate of Holes
Collapsium (City of Ironic Distance)
Audobon (City of Simulation)
Decameroon (The Peaceful Kingdom of Plagues)
The Non-Occupied Territories of the Tetrarchs of Dark

1 comment:

  1. Very weird. Some of these I don't get. Others I like. Not sure what rules 4-6 are about. Seems the only option is inoffensive asymmetry.
    A Thesparchy sounds like rulership by actors. Given that both Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger were elected to office, this is quite plausible. As for the Peaceful Kingdom of the Plague, I can guess why the Empire of Glass has not been too keen on invading it.