Saturday, 31 May 2014

Hardcopy False Machine Book

Ok so I put a hardcopy False Machine book on Lulu for anyone who wants it. Link is to the right. Just click on the murderous trilobite.

Its £8.99, I make about 3.50 from each one.

There are (public domain) pictures, Scrap did a cover.

There is one very small new essay and a very short afterword.

I still have no idea how to get paid from Lulu, the site requests a US tax code even though I have not asked for an ISBN. If anyone can illuminate me on that then please do.

EDIT: if you already paid for the pdf and want a free e-pub copy of the new file then let me know and I will send it to you.


  1. Bought it a couple of days ago and it arrived today :) The Point of No Return is the perfect introduction, looking forward to getting into the rest of it! I hope your planning to do something similar with your Underdark/Veins stuff.

    I don't know whether you followed the thread about contacting Jed Goodwin that I posted on the Oldhammer forum but the sad conclusion was that he doesn't have an online presence. He still works for GW and apparently staff are "discouraged" from doing interviews after some interviews were used as evidence against them in the Chapterhouse court case (which they lost). The best way of contacting him is probably writing a letter to GW HQ and hope it reaches him.

    1. Thanks man. I did see it. I sent Goodwin a letter at GW HQ. I included the questions but I said I knew he couldn't do interviews so tried to suggest that gw do more in-depth interviews in-house because WE NEED TO KNOW.

      Veins of the Earth should come out as soon as I can find a publisher. If not I wil just sell it myself.

    2. Awesome, fingers crossed you get a response. A series of design interviews would be great, better yet would be if they published books with concept art and commentary from the designers.

      I'll look forward to Veins of the Earth, from your posts it looks like it's going to be fantastic.

      Keep doing what your doing Patrick, it's all good stuff!