Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I Made A New Blog

I made this new blog osr underdark to collect all the free resources I could that would help people generate and play in underground worlds.

I have two main reasons for this, the first is selfish. I want to see where 'we' (the royal all-consuming 'we' that effectively means anyone I can track down and who does not actively try to stop me.) are with creating a free Underdark resource.

The other is just so that anyone who wants to run the Underdark can do so without buying an overpriced splatbook (except mine when it comes out obviously.)

Dungeon Dozen guy has already effectively re-written D&D for one dice and he has done a bunch of stuff.  have collected the links. We have an excellent table from Aeon's and Auguries that I remembered from ages ago, there is a huge PDF download on there of old-school module maps that I think were assembled by the Dragonsfoot forum.

I am only providing links, its not really a traffic blog. I am also doing the Labels 'properly' so people can find things.

(I know a blog is a bad format for an archive. I am shit at the Internet.)

So, if YOU know of any good, free Underdark resources on line, like maybe a OPD or something. Then please let me know.

If you want to re-blog this then that would also be good. I don't usually ask for stuff like that but this is for THA PEOPLE (mainly).

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  1. Lots of people are producing geomorphs as you know.

    I also found four map generators.

    I am sure you can find some stuff on this blog as well:


    You might like the Shadow Elves as well: