Monday, 20 January 2014

Drowning CalIfornia

Got bored doing Civilopede treasures, saw this

 Decided to hunt decadent supervillians across the seas of post apocalyptic California. Assisted by numerous G+ people, found this image.

Drowned it slightly

Jacob made this

Really wanted an archipelago though, so had to work out how PAINT.NET works. Made this.

More islands now. This is not relief-accurate, not all remaining points are the highest points, this is what I though looked like most fun.


  1. I live on the 14th floor--am I safe?

    1. Oh god no, LA is gone. You are utterly utterly fucked.


  2. I am sure the remaining Californians would be a strange and fish-reeking folk but I would be more interested in all those drowned cities. So many treasures gleaming below the waves! Deep divers could establish underwater kingdoms within the air bubbles left in sewer systems and large buildings, trading rusted electronics for air and food that wasn't fish.

  3. This is really cool! Yes sir, I like it.