Thursday, 9 January 2014

Experimental Complex Generator

The idea is that you roll 4d50, write down each sentance at the top of your map page and use the rules as the PC's transit through the system, hopefully giving each underground 'Area' its own different feel. Even if the players are not formally told they have entered that area.

"The" "Of"
1 Boiling Surge No Return
2 Torrenting Torment The Snakemen
3 Seeping Sink Blinded Eyes
4 Curving River Forgotten Hopes
5 White Water River Last Chances
6 Sinkholes Slipped Grips
7 Parched River The King Who Ate Saints
8 Murder Rapids Strangled Songs
9 Screaming Surge The Last Chance
10 Plunging Falls Abandoned Friends
11 Spiralling Beck Bloody Betrayal
12 Crawling Waters Forgotten Friends
13 Burning Rapids Those Despised
14 Seasonal River He Who Seeks
15 Weeping Cracks The Monsters Maw
16 Springs The Poisoned Fool
17 Fountains Choking Slime
18 Majestic Waves Quivering Fear
19 Endless Falls Silence and Time
20 Black Depthless Flow Mutation
21 Faults A Long-Gone Race
22 Tornado-Tubes Nightmares and Dreams
23 Inexplicable Whorls A Long-Forgotten God
24 Sulphuric Blooms The Silicon Crown
25 Tendrils The Beast of The Abyss
26 Tubes Endless Descent
27 Bloodsplatter Windings The Titancorpse
28 Pools The Conquored Worm
29 Warrens The Tasters Of The Air
30 Wormcasts No Escape
31 Burrows The Consumor
32 Tombs Eaten Hours
33 Myconid Farms (Dead) Mocking Imperial Ghosts
34 Ruined Mine Those Who Wait Still
35 Ghost Mine Eyes That Blink Not
36 Ruins The Lawgiver
37 Battleground Those From Below
38 Lost Colony The Sun-Eaters
39 Inverse Tower The Cryptic Witch
40 Strange Delve The Fingerless mage
41 Counter-Mines Dead Dwarves
42 Gold-Greed The Elf-Eaters
43 Mines Chained Children
44 Folley The Eyeslicers
45 War Mines The Slave Lords
46 Gasping Mines Sky Wind Scent
47 Failed Escape False Lights
48 Last Hope Starved Slaves
49 Fall Sleepless Dead
50 Threads Burning Words

1 Curves like question marks at unexpected times
2 Has vertical letterbox vents in the roof
3 Dives out of sight like upturned letter 'J's
4 Connects through passages, curved like arrow flight
5 Cuts through banded sandstone staind with metallic leaks
6 Seems carved by thoughtless fools, organically, to no plan
7 Has blocked primary routes (or so it seems)
8 Requres traverses to pass impossible falls
9 Has one walking passage exit, accessable by overhang
10 Narrows to a squeeze but then expands
11 Has exits just out of reach
12 Descends and ascends interminably, pointlessly
13 Has smooth vertical routes with hacked handholds
14 Has falling phantom climbers warning of false routes
15 Tries to take one life on every passage
16 Curves back on itself if possible
17 Has cracks running in every direction, making every hold unstable
18 Snags your clothes if it can
19 Stains your skin the colour of its rock
20 Holds many darknesses, each different
21 Wants you on your knees
22 Eats sound between caves
23 Collects pockets of bad air
24 Guides you falsely
25 Wants to see you fall
26 Hs boulders balanced precariously
27 Hides exits in the floor
28 Is full of strange chiming, and movement from the next cave on
29 Builds caves to maximum size
30 Gives you an easy escape route, heading down
31 Grabs your feet in cracks while you fight
32 Puts swings in your ropes and abrades them
33 Changes scale unpredictably
34 Wants to see you chimney
35 Wants to tast blood and drinks any that is spilt
36 Cradles life if it can
37 Corrodes any metal left outside its sheath
38 Covers each path with smears of still mud
39 Drops random strategies on loud noises
40 Drips endlessly, soaking you
41 Funnels a freezing wind
42 Tips the axis of your walk, making you scrabble
43 Projects the fossilised bones of ancient beasts as unexpected grips
44 Has stalactites and stalagmites that sharpen like spears
45 Exposes the tracks of those who passed last
46 Keeps its roofs curved low
47 Hold still, stagnant pools wherever it can
48 Disguises the depth of any drop, pool or flow
49 Cuts across its own track without meeting
50 Encrusts itself in flowstone, inches thick

"but never"
1 Breaks a lantern if it falls
2 Lets sane people sleep without nightmares
3 Traps you in a squeeze with no way out
4 Ends a passage the way it began
5 Leaves you hanging without a hold
6 Has dead passages, leading nowhere
7 Makes secret paths worth the while
8 Has cave entries at ground level
9 Has sloped cave walls, vertical or concave only
10 Forces your head under water
11 Goes up, only down from where you are
12 Lets you damage a speleothem without an encounter roll
13 Holds bolt anchors for long
14 Lets you go without an encounter
15 Releases you in the direction you expect
16 Kills people while they sing
17 Drops you if you hold rock in both hands
18 Shows clear tracks of those who pass
19 Wakes you in the middle of a dream
20 holds bolt anchors for long
21 Lets you stand comfortably
22 stops moaning an howling
23 Holds steady reflections anywhere
24 Hides its threats
25 Reveals the depth of its pitches at first sight
26 Crushes you with falls if it can trap a limb instead
27 Hides evidence of your passage
28 Lets you guess direction from transmitted sound
29 Makes it easy to go back the way you came
30 Lets the strong escape the weak
31 Breaks legs when you take falling damage (just arms, ribs and necks)
32 Lets anyone cut a rope without suffering whiplash
33 Scales its threats predictably
34 Drops monsters from above
35 Hears magic words wtihout screaming and tremors
36 makes a sound except for whispers
37 Stops tempting you with false gold and gems
38 Lets you sleep
39 Lets go a corpse without a fight
40 Lets a light burn long without incident
41 Lets a ghost escape
42 Lays out its caves in regular flow, but clusters and piles them together
43 Lets water run long without gulping it down
44 Lets prayers be heard without alteration as they echo through
45 Lets you walk anywhere, but crawl, crouch, climb and leap.
46 Lets a river pass through without waterfalls
47 Lets anyone spring an ambush without giving some clue
48 Hides the innocent or lets the guilty flee
49 Leads where you want it to go
50 Lets a man die without testing his sanity (Women die fine)