Sunday, 5 January 2014

Wiping Milan From The Face Of The Earth

Doring Kindersley are fucking amazing, they should do dungeons. But they already do.

They have amazing isometric pictures and really good information design, of course the words and details are just real-world history. Pleany of treasures, not much security, no monsters.

Anyway, shop next to mine had a January sale on


AND. Tipex, two for one. And the weird tip ex tape.

Normally I wouldn't deface a book, but this one was in the remander bin anyway, so I consider this life-saving surgery.

Sorry Italian history, you are not game relevant!

I will keep the pictures and the linking numbers though.

Thanks cool giant theatre! Wish I had you two weeks ago.

Now you are mine.

There are also iso-maps of all of Milans centre, they are very pretty.

Of course once I am done wiping it out, I will need to put it all back and invent a new city using the body of the old, which should take about a year, just another hobby for my jobby.


  1. This is one of the coolest ideas I've ever seen.

    1. Like a lot of my ideas, Zak had it a while ago. But thank you.

  2. I think my previous comment was devoured by devourings
    but I would just cut out sections of text or plain white paper and paste over the previous text

    1. Never offend the Captcha Deamons of the invisible city.

      I have thought about pasting over, but I am enjoying the tippex too much. (I will probably end up doing that in the end though.)

  3. I agree with LS, this is a really cool idea. I was about to do the same to two old atlases I bought cheap (USSR is no more?), but unlike creative people I never got around to actually do it.

  4. Great idea! I feel this might result into some kind of understandable Codex Seraphinianus.

    I see you are keeping the centuries on the timeline on the Cathedral's page. Are you going to use the real world calendar or made up your own? Something like: "on the first century after the Space Squid Ascension..."

    Anyway, great concept, looking forward future updates!

    1. I have actually not thought much about the timeline. I was going to go back and re-write it from the beginning. So I will have to se what I put in 'The History of >blank<