Monday, 17 March 2014

Would you Buy This

If I took a buch of stuff from this blog (which you alredy got for free), cleaned it up, re-arranged it and put it into a book, would you buy it?

The index would look like this;

Table of Contents
The Point of No Return 5

1 – Thinking about Games 7

Ill Deeds 7
Complex Theory, meet Mundane Reality 9
Monsters of Incompetence and Atomic Bread 13
Monsters and Military Incompetence 14
Atomic Bread 16
Ghost Protocols 18
Acting Dumb 21
Contrarian Knobend Dungeons and Dragons 23
Art in Games 27
godz without limitz 34

2 – A River of Shadows 39

Before Dawn 39
A Commentary on Appendix P 40
Empire of the Summer Moon by C.S.Gwynne. 40
Blind Descent by James M.Tabor 41
Unquenchable Fire by Rachel Pollack 41
Personal Memoirs of U.S.Grant. 42
The Air Loom Gang – Mike Jay 42
In The Mail 43
“I should have lived before Kennedy died” 46
Millers Crossing – The Cohen Brothers 46
Afghanistan, a Cultural and Political History by Thomas Barfield 48
A Paradise Built in Hell – Rebecca Solnit. 49
The Insurgent Archipelago by John Mackinley 50

3 - Game Objects 52

A city without a name 52
The Demon Behind Glass 56
Bunny World 57
I fucking love writing badly 59
The Prince of Carcasses 64
Pluvial 66
Five.. Four... Three.. Two... ONE! 72
There are so many signs of trouble 75
My Means of Destroying You All 78
Frost Squid 81
d7 Doppelgängers 82
The Hours in Balach 84
A Knight of Mars 86
Oath of Mars 90
Oath of Repentance 90
Marriage Song 91
Curse of Mars 92
My Island is the centre of the world. 93
A City On The Edge Of Deception 98
But. 101
The Sorrows of The Thane of Coates 105

4 – Culture 111

The Joey School 111
Old Snow 115
this post is less good 119
Animal Crackers 124

5 - Teens 128

Opening Comment 128
The Dog Was Called Priestly 128
Teens 129
'They called me the Riddlemaster' 133
The Riddles I Made 135
Emotions 137
Telepathic Snails 138
Fake Being Gay to Kill Thieves 139
"You know it's always more fun when we split up." 141
The Rules Don't Cover Imploding Friendships 142
Trigger Warning for Stupidity 144
Teens don't know what Evil means 146
Like A Beckett Play 147
"You can't feminize me, I'll demote you." 148

6 – Sculpture 151

Completely enclosed in the hollow of his hand 151
Jesus Likes Your Backpack 157
“But is it aaaaaarrrrrtt?” 161
"Still, that is not the point.” 162
Ten Ideas For The Backs Of Toy Soldiers 168
Ten Masks of the Creatures from Before Time 171
In case you didn't notice how fucking clever I was being 173
Exo-Suits of the Hot Girls 175
    Six Science Fiction Fortifications 181
Plan For The Film Of An Alien Siege 185


  1. I'd love a book with all that stuff in it. I'd pay 15 bucks for a hardcopy of this stuff, maybe 20.

  2. Short answer: Yes.

    Long answer: Very yes.