Friday, 21 March 2014

The Real Mystery is Friendship

From Subterranean Worlds Inside Earth by Timothy Green Beckly

SHAVER - It is a known fact that the deros have killed us off before and will again. It  behoves us to take what measures we can against them, for, as a mass, mankind doesn't even know they exist.

PALMER - There never lived a more brilliant man, nor a more educated mind. The vast knowledge that exists within Shavers grey matter is incredible. It has always amazed me and left me  gasping. It was only when I discovered its source  that the amazement left me and might have been replaced by a bit of something else - perhaps an urge to be able to tap that source more fully myself.

SHAVER - No Palmer does not now, nor did he ever, write any of my stories. In fact, I seldom approved of what changes he did make, such as chopping off an ending, or putting in a few paragraphs of his own which would often slant the entire message the wrong way.

PALMER - Shavers first manuscript ... " A Warning To Future Man" .... was 10,000 words long.  As I published it in Amazing Stories it was titled "I Remember Lemuria!" and was 30,000 words long.  I started with the first word of page one,

SHAVER - Much of this thought has been due to tampering of his thinking which has always been intense for the sole purpose of keeping up the 'stone curtain' behind which the deros hide.

PALMER - There would have been no possible way to present "A Warning To Future Man" in the magazine without incurring wrath of the owners of the magazine.

If we were so brash as to say the story (as Shaver maintained) was a translation of "imperishable metal plates engraved by a certain Mutan Man 12,000 years ago," what would we do if someone demanded to see the plates?

SHAVER - My purpose was to tear DOWN that curtain, and Palmer unconsciously aided them ... This is something you cannot blame him for, because it was so obviously the work of mind - tampering deros. There was no way to get this fact across to him, because of his own condition of being under their ray.

PALMER - Mr Davis took the magazine home to read, and came to work the next morning furious. .. there was no doubt of his anger. Only one thing was preventing him from firing us, and that was the fact that we were going to retract every word in the next issue, and admit we were wrong in calling this the truth, and further, we were never going to buy another word from Shaver.

SHAVER - I always figured I was lucky to have Palmer, because he did let me put in foot-notes to emphasise the factual nature of the background, and he did let me say a few things about the actual peril of all mankind from the caverns under us.

PALMER - He (Shaver) had asked the cave people to contact our circulation director via telaug, and "inspire" him, as though it was his own idea, to increase the distribution of Amazing Stories for that one issue by 50,000 copies, in spite of the fact that this was wartime, and paper was rationed, and to do this, we had to "steal" the paper from magazines such as Popular Photography, Flying, Radio News etc. The clincher had been when the circulation director, without any contact with me or Shaver, had strictly on his own idea, originated in his own head, increased the distribution of the magazine by precisely 50,00 copies "on a hunch".

SHAVER - many times in conversation with me, Palmer would like to say he "made" me, always hinting that writers can be "made" by editors whether they had any talent or not. I always took this as a way of avoiding any attempts to get more money, and as a means of bolstering his ego.

PALMER - Mr Davies picked up the phone to get the figures..... I had agreed that if the sales had dropped, I would clear out my desk and leave.

The rest is history. Amazing Stories sold 50,000 extra copies that month, and for four years, without fail, maintained that increase until the day Mr Ziff, the senior partner, at the orders of the gentlemen from the Pentagon, killed the now-famous "Shaver Mystery".

No I did not "make" Shaver. He writing ability is unquestioned. But I did make the Mystery!

SHAVER - I don't believe that anyone can get something like "The Shaver Mystery" published today because of all the dero influence upon the minds of editors and publishers. I give Palmer ALL the credit, and he deserves it, for the courage to go ahead against what he must have realised were factual enemies who could have his life and job.

They got his job, even though Ziff-Davis had to move to New York to do it. They tried for his life several times, so let's not underrate Palmers courage.

PLAMER - They didn't get my job, I quit that voluntarily. But they did nearly get my life! I live a life of perpetual and terrible pain that never leaves me for a second - and why? Because I am Richard Shavers friend, because I believe him, because his message is important, and because there is no other way to tell the truth.

SHAVER - The HELL that we hear about is an actual fact. The deros are Devil's DEVILS, and not any figment of the past.

PALMER - Shaver says I hear voices, and they lie to me, and say they are spirits. I say Shaver hears voices, and they lie to him and say they are living people in caves under his feet. The fact is, I don't hear voices. Not that I have not heard them (I did, in Shavers house in Pennsylvania), I have also heard them in my dreams.

SHAVER - HELL is an actual place of stone and flesh and blood and ancient devices built by people who were next to immortal in that early time before the deluge.

PALMER - He resents me because his message has not resulted in what he wants so fervently, the destruction of the dero, the access of mankind to the wonderful science and machines of the ancients, and life everlasting on an unpoisoned planet far from our detrimental sun.


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