Wednesday, 5 March 2014


*1.- 3 Climbing harness. Reduces fall damage from ropes. Helps with abseiling. With carabineers can be very handy when clamping things on and off quickly and safely. Makes you look like a tit.

*4 – 5  2d4 Functional Duergar carabineers. Can now clip on and off ropes easily.

*6-7 A fuel brick. (Easy light, 1 hr of flame.)

*8- 9 Dynamic spidersilk rope. Absorbs 50 hp falling damage then wears out.

*10-11 A climbing pick. No bonus but can be used to climb without any minus and also used as a weapon during climb. (d6 damage)

*12 -13 A Clock Bow. All-metal crossbow. 20ft range. Fires flechettes (d6) High tension clockwork auto loads from magazine holding ten flechettes. Wire string must be replaced every 50 shots. Must be wound pre-battle. Loud. On a fumble explodes in shower of clockwork. Can be fired one handed.

*14-16 A Lamp. See Lamps table.

17-46 This many Lumes.

47 - A ‘Miners Friend’. Little yellow canary in a bamboo cage. Imported a long way from Yoo-Suin. Warns of dangerous vapours by fainting , then dying.

48 – Aboleth Memory Key. Does d6 damage to you as you open your own head. Allows you to walk through all of your previous experience as an observer, observe as if you were there, recall anything. Memories of others are incomprehensible.

49 – Looserope, 50ft. Whisper a word to each know of this rope as you tie it. . If you speak that word aloud then that knot will spontaneously unknot.

50 – Insane diary describing the workings of a Derro mind-control machine. Can be used to find and destroy the machine but, the closer you get to it, the more fully it works on you..

61 – A Neolithic man-shape in clay that can take damage instead of the holder. If it ever breaks, all the damage suffered will be yours at once.

62 – A dart that works once. Casts ‘Flesh to Chrome’

63 – A wedding ring. If you put it on you immediately become aware of the psionic attention of the bodies spouse. A mental voice asks. “Who are you? What has happened to my husband/wife?”

64 – A can of spray paint (Duergar make)

65 – d6 demonic pacts. This may be the most evil person you have ever killed. Gain xd20 of the basic XP and the formal title ‘Slayer of (name of searched body). The d6 Daemons will now gate sequentially into the area. Starting at Type 1 and going up from there.

66 – Body has a list of names tattooed. All are crossed out. The penultimate uncrossed name is yours, the last is that of (Notable NPC opposed to the party)

67 – Grapple Spider. Iron grapple, spider shaped. Clings on when thrown. Must be fed blood.

68 – A Vampire Court subpoena for a random NPC.

69 – An unassigned slavehunters license, warrant and badge*.

70 – Instructions and countersigns for a secret rendezvous with a race totally opposed to the holder.

71 – Shifting Archean dagger that rusts blood. If it touches metal, both the metal and dagger rust to nothing.

72 – A myco-lucent necklace 2d6 jewels, produce spore-effects when crushed.

73 – d6 Yoo-Suin Smokerope cigarettes. When lit a strand of black smoke slowly reaches directly up. When it contacts a surface it adheres and transforms into a climbable black rope.

74- Book of Acid. The optical illusions in this book make you woozy when you look at them. You then vomit up a pin of strong acid.

75 – Pulsar Stone. Hand-sized crystal rock. Sighting through it allows you to see the flickers of distant pulsars. With time this can be used to tell direction underground.

76 – Set of silver blades for flensing precisely the skin of the human face.

77 – A baby brain in bottled brine. Illithid bugging and communication technology.

78 – d4 vials of Heroin with Drow syringes.

79 – d4 Myconid Mind Spores (Thumb sized, fractal, soft) casts ‘Speak With Mushrooms’ on consumer.

80 – Duergar mushroom vodka. Icy clear. Enhances any save against magical effects. Drinker cannot let any argument lie, pursuing every tiny detail with agonising relentlessness.

81 – Derro Conspiracy Pills. The character can hear the players and DM talking round the table. They must give no sign of this or save vs death.

*82 – Pair of dice.

83 –Loaded pair of dice.

84 – A Svirfneblin, gagged and tied up.

85 – A razor, mirror and soap.

86 – Steel mirror on extendable (4ft) brass pole. Mirror can be angled.

87 – Olm-carved slender short-sword made entirely of bone.

88 – A chunky brass cylindrical finger ring. Actually a silent and reliable clock that pricks the wearers finger each hour.

89 – 50 feet of nightingale chain. Slender, light as rope. Sings softly under pressure.

90 – A spoolable fishing line with elegant chemiluminescent lures.

91 – Elegant Meershaum miners pipe with lid. Holds tiny firel elemental and never goes out. Can only light small things (lamps, fuses) and complain.

92 – Drow SpiderClimb ring. Save vs spells at least once per every use, and once every minute after the first or vomit a torrent of poisonous spiders.

93 – Drow ‘Arak’. Must be allowed to settle. Top layer gives penetrating insight but curses player. Bottom layer removes curse, makes instantly violently drunk, wipes 2d6 hours of memory. Insight must be communicated during drink.

94 - Drow ‘manacles’ Syringe-thin interpenetrating bars, driven through forearms like hairpins. Linked by slender chains.

95 – d6 Duergar manacles. Gitmo-style plastic zip ties.

96 – Drow climbing harness. Like a normal climbing harness but doen’t make you look like a tit. Looks kind of cool actually. Slim fit only.

97 – Cloakersmoke. Pungent incense. Makes all Cloakers roll themselves up into cones and become piercers.

98 – Geophone. Delicate Duergar make. With practice, can hear sounds in 200 foot radius through the stone.

99 – The genes of a Cambriman. Like a helix of tiny wet pearls. If you fool around with them and stick them in a live Cambriman you could make a baby. Or a mutant.

00 – An Occultum coin.

*Pretty much the only legal right that Underdark civilisations think is truly universal is the right to recover slaves. This is as close to cops as the Underdark gets. Of course the slavehunters guild will track and horribly destroy anyone who makes free with their warrents.


  1. "The character can hear the players and DM talking round the table. They must give no sign of this or save vs death."

    I love mechanics like this!

    All this stuff is just making me mad excited for Veins.