Thursday, 20 March 2014

Quotes by Richard S Shaver, Images by Piranesi

“Once I was just a person as you probably are. Then one hot night I had a dream that changed my entire life. Let me tell you that dream and what it did to me.


On their star maps the earth is labelled as “The Grim Tomb” for earth is a great tomb! The reason we don’t know it is a tomb is because we live on the outside of the tombstone instead of the inside.

If you can leave your flat land thinking and think of many surfaces, one over the other, extending on and on under the water as well as under the land, you begin to understand. But you can’t really comprehend immensity, can’t comprehend a pioneer job that has been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years and is still only beginning.

There are dozens of nations from several different planets sending ships and forces to trade and explore and loot. There are ports where a dozen space ships line up and load the antique treasures and take off. And there are parties travelling on and on through level so and so, while under and over them, in tier on tier, are other levels untouched by man since the Elder time.

A Radioactive called ‘De’ defiles all positive thinking and by reversing its polarity produces backwards thinking."

(Italics mine.)

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