Thursday, 13 March 2014

Breakfast Island

Heeeey, I'm still unemployed and I got depression


Here's a mini module based on an off-hand comment made in a game two days ago.

Turns out cereal mascots map almost perfectly onto D&D monsters, this is built of of those, placed in one of the Isles of California. I used the Monstrous Manual dice rolls wherever I could, threw in some extra stuff, added some of Dyson's maps.

It pretty much turned into an exercise in minimalism, trying to cram as much useful info into as small a space as possible. The stuff in there is what I would need to run a game so it has some standard D&D info most of you probably wouldn't need. I used an a5 page size, big 12 point Georgia font for readability. It's meant to work good on a reader like a kindle, or an Ipad. Two page view should work best.

I'm telling myself this in an exercise in information design for Veins of The Earth, rather than just low-level aspergers and avoiding useful work. I haven't put in an index or bookmarks yet, I intend to.

The NPC name generator is now a link on the right.

If you use it, let me know how it reads and if it works ok.


  1. I was wondering how Quisp and Quake weren't in this and then saw their names in the random generator. Well played.

  2. I LOVE this idea! But I don't see a link to the actual module.

    1. Oh I took it down becasue I thought it wasnt very good, here you go

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