Sunday 18 December 2016

Gawain 2117 - 2159, Gawain confirms, Knight Levels = MAXIMUM.

"Therefore good Sir Gawain, leave the guy alone,
And go away some other gate, for Gods sake!
Career to some other kingdom, there Christ may you speed,
And I shall hie me home again, and I wholly declare
That I shall swear by God and all his good saints,
So help me Jesus and his holy mum, AND everyone else,
That I shall loyally lie and the tale never tell
That ever you ran or retired from a fight in this realm."
"Grant mercy," said Gawain, and grimly he said:
"Well work you, sir, that wishes me well,
And that loyally lie I think well you would.
But hid you it never so wholly, if I here passed,
Fucked-off in fear and fled, in form you suggest,
I were a knight coward, I might not be excused.
But I will to the chapel, what chance may there fall,
And talk with that terror the tale that me likes,
Whether it mean weal or woe, as wyrd likes it
          to have.
Though he be a stern knave
To meet, armed with glaive
Full well can Jesus shape
His servants for to save."

"Mary! said that other man, "now you so much spell
That you will your own termination to yourself name,
If you lease your life that lightly, the letting I won't keep.
Have here your helm on your head, your spear in your hand,
And ride you down this ill rut by the rock side,
Till you be brought to the bottom of the barren valley.
Then look a little to the land on your left hand,
And you shall glimpse in that glade the green chapel,
And the mad murdering motherfucker that it keeps.
Now fare well, in Gods name, Gawain the noble!
For all the gold under ground I'd not go with you,
Nor bear you fellowship a foot further through this forest."
With that the wise lad winds his bridle,
Hits the horse with his heels as hard as he might,
Leaps him over the land, and leaves the knight there
          all alone.
"By Gods sake," said Gawain,
"I will neither grieve or groan;
To Gods will I am full fain,
And to him I shall atone."

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