Friday, 16 December 2016

Gawain 2025 - 2068, He's had some practice at doomed goodbyes by this point.

While his richest robe he wrapped round himself -
His coat with the cinquefoil of the clear works
Emblazoned on velvet, virtuous stones
About beaten and bounded with embroidered seams,
And fair furred within with fine pelts -
He left not the lace, the ladies gift;
That forgot not Gawain, for good of himself.
When he had belted his brand on his steel-bound hips,
Then drawed he his dishonour double him about;
Swiftly and succinctly swathed around his sides that knight;
The girdle of the green silk, that gay well beseemed,
Upon that royal red cloth that rich was to show.
But wore not this woeful man for wealth this girdle,
For pride of the pendants, that polished they were,
Or that the glittering gold gleamed upon ends,
But for to save himself, when suffer he would
To bide that blow without debate of brand or
          of shield.
By that the bold man bound,
Goes out into the field,
And that many of renown,
With thanks their arms sealed.

Then was Gryngolet groomed, that great was and huge,
And had a more secure sojourn, and snug stabling;
He was pumped-up, well prepared that proud horse.
The knight comes to him and his coat smooths down,
And said soberly himself and by this truth swears:
"Here is a many in the mansion that are mindfully kind -
The man who maintains them, joy may he have;
The liege lady, in life, love her betide.
If they for charity cherish a guest,
And hold honour in their hands, may happiness them send
That holds the heavens upon high, and also to you all!
And if I might live upon land long any while,
I should return you some reward readily, if I might."
Then he steps into the stirrup and strides aloft;
His servant showed him his shield, on shoulder he it cast,
Goads he Gryngolet with his gilt heels,
And he starts on the stone, stood he no longer
          to prance.
His knight on horse was then,
That bore his spear and lance.
"This castle to Christ I commend".
He gave them all good chance.

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