Sunday, 11 December 2016

A Riddle and Gawain 1769 - 1816, Look, no means no.

Here's a riddle for you.

I am;

1. Additive rather than subordinative.
2. Aggrigative rather than analytic.
3. Redundant or 'copious'.
4. Conservative or traditionalist.
5. Close to the human lifeworld.
6. Agonistically toned.
7. Empathic and participatory rather than objectively toned.
8. Homeostatic.
9. Situational rather than abstract.

What am I, and what am I not?

(Below is your daily Gawain.)


For that princess of prize pressed on him so thick,
Spurred him so near the thread, that needs he must choose
Either let through her love, or loathly refuse.
He cared for his courtesy, lest churl he should be,
And more for his mischief if he should make sin,
And be traitor to the knight that that tower had.
"God shield," said the chevalier, "that shall not befall!"
With love-laughing and lightness he laid him beside
All the speeches of solicitude that sprang from her mouth.
Said that girl to the guy, "Blame you deserve,
If you love not that life that you lie next,
Before all the women in the world wounded in heart,
But if you have another, a lover, that you like better,
And hold faith to that lady, fastened so hard
That you not loose it lightly - that's likely the case.
And that you tell me that now truly I pray you;
For all the love of him on high, hide not the truth
          for guile.
The knight said, "By Saint John,"
And gently then he smiled,
"In faith I wield so none,
Nor none will wield this while."

"That is a word," said that woman, "that worst is of all:
But I am answered, certainly, and sore it me thinks.
Kiss me now comely and I shall cast myself away;
I may but mourn in this material world, as may those who much love."
Sighing she stooped down and seemly him kissed,
And certain she severs from him, and says as she stands.
"Now, dear, at this departing, do me this ease,
Give me something as thy gift, thy golve if it were,
That I may mindfully think of thee, man, my mourning to lessen."
"Now really," said the wanderer, "I would I had here
The loveliest thing for thy life that I in land wield,
For you have deserved, for certain, several times over
More reward by reason that I reach might.
But to to give you for gift some cheap geegaw! -
It is not for your honour to have at this time
A glove as a pargon of Gawains gifts,
And I am here on an errand in areas uncouth,
And have no bros with no baggage with beautiful things;
That mislikes me, lady, for love at this time,
Each man must do as fortune make, take you not ill
          or pine."
"Nay, knight of high honours,"
Said that lady so fine,
"Though I have nothing of yours,
Yet you shall have something of mine."