Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The body you just woke up in..

Coming back from the dead does not work with the ethos of LOTFP.

However, if you work directly for an evil Liche who has laughingly boasted of cheating death and if your twitchy and terrified manservant can drag your ruined corpse to the Liche's tower, then you can do this:-

FIRST – You wake up with your own eyes looking at you. Passirk has taken them. He liked the look of them.

SECOND – You now live in someone else’s body. You can keep your memories, personality, XP, class levels and skill points. BUT..

THIRD - Re-roll everything else. ALL stats and Hit Points*. AND..

FOURTH – Gender. Roll a dice. Odds male, evens female. Unless you find that gender essentialist, in which case do it the other way. round.

FIFTH – Your are now 10+ 5d20 years old.

SIXTH – Something has gone a bit weird with this body. Roll on this table to find out what.

(The table was made by mattgusta, Nathan Ryder and myself.)

SEVENTH – your soul is now a random object, the first thing Passarisk pulled off the shelf. If you lose it, you die. If you break it, you die. If it gets damaged, it will damage your stats. This utterly normal object gives no magical benefit in any way. It never shows up as magical to any examination.

*'But what about intelligence and wisdom and even dexterity being functions of thought and training as much as'.... blahblahblah all or nothing, live or die CHOOSE.

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