Sunday, 12 March 2023

The False Machine Adventure System Compatibility Infographic - V 2.1

Here is V2!

Click the image for a link to the file which should allow you to see it larger.

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  1. There's a recurring typo: "compatability" instead of "compatibility".

  2. First of all, anyone who tries to actually play anything in MB or Cairn instantly dies of cringe or is arrested as a sex offender.

    Second: My thanks for including OSRIC/AD&D, but now comes the follow up question, how compatible is it really? Did you account for the higher character power levels, the expanded spell lists, the elegant combinations of race and class, the altered surprise rules, the nuanced combat modifiers? What about altered Xp totals because of added magic item experience?

    Let me give you an example. B7 Rahasia is a B/X module for levels 1-3 where you assail a temple of elves that have been charmed by the spirits of 3 witches. By module decree, you can't kill the elves as they are good aligned and doing so would lose you xp. No problem you say, I have fucking Sleep and Charm Person spells and I'll rope the fuckers and put them in a pit. Easy peasy. THEN we do the conversion to AD&D and suddenly every Elf has sleep and 90% charm immunity. These sorts of lurking conjunctions of minor rules differences are more prevalent then people think.

    My suggestion would thus be you put OSRIC/AD&D as mid-level compatible.

    With many of the rules lites, compatibility would be sort of frozen between low- and mid- because so much would be abstracted away or removed it does not really matter. Unless your adventure is predicated upon the presence of certain resources, abilities and countermeasures (i.e. mid level or above) its all the same grey goo.

  3. Clearly the solution is to create the one-and-only-always-canonical False Machine Adventure System. When??

    1. my brother in Christ; I would rather be castrated with a brick

  4. That heading font is aggressively catastrophic. I'd say unfortunate, but you may have intended the malevolence.