Saturday, 11 March 2023

The False Machine Adventure System Compatibility Infographic - Version ONE

Since answering the question; "What system is this for" is becoming increasingly difficult. (The BX commons? Any Old-School product???) I came up with the no-doubt terrible idea of creating a simple one-page infographic that I could post online and also include in False Machine books and mailings.

With this One Simple Trick I would elucidate the simplest rulesets to use, their relative closeness to each other and any difficulties and challenges of playing False Machine adventures using them.

Of course this is going to be a fucking disaster, if anyone even reads it, but that is why I am classifying this as VERSION ONE. A proto-type infographic designed specifically for your commentary, feedback, analysis and surely-productive-criticism.

Have at ye, click the image for a link to the file which should allow you to see it larger.

Feedback in the comments, on twitter at, on Facebook at or via email if you can find it.


  1. I've had a brilliant time running DCO, twice, in Weird North (which is an Into the Odd derivative). Obviously requires conversion, but I didn't find that too difficult. The character classes in Weird North really play well with the deep time aspect of DCO. I've been brewing a blog post about this for s while, but probably gonna wait for my next Kickstarter before I post it.

    I've been quite surprised by the number of people playing DCO with Into the Odd derivatives. I think I've come across more of them than I have folks playing it in classic OSR systems.

    1. Please pop a link up whenever you do write that article! That sounds great.

  2. What ruleset do you currently use? Go from there. If you play (sigh) generic DnD then refer to the text you pull the most rules from when you forget something. Lotfp is significantly different from most B/X clones and utilizes a parry mechanic, charging rules, press attack, different spell selection etc. etc.

    S&W is OD&D based and uses some combination of the LBB with optional additions. It is perhaps closer to AD&D with its race/class combinations, more advanced combat rules (or suggestions) then it is to B/X, although its spell selection is B/X.

    I notice OSRIC/AD&D is not on that table.

  3. It needs an easier to read font.