Thursday 8 June 2017

Visual Artists of the OSR

This is another of my collection/discovery posts which always end up breeding massive degrees of resentment.

As always, if anyone wants to be taken off or have their entry changed then let me know.






Matthew Adams

Aaron Aelfrey (Aaron has also done a range of stuff for LotFP.) (This is a site where Aaron catalogues largely historical artists whose work has passed into public domain. It's very good.)

Ian Baggley

"the artist of 1st edition AS&SH"

Johnathan Bingham

John Blaszczyk

Gennifer Bone

Her art featured in Lusus Naturae.

Yannick Bouchard

He's also done extensive work for LotFP, his art is all of their aesthetic.

See, this guy had all his links in one god. damn. PLACE. See how useful that is?

Sam Bosma

"Probably doesn't identify with OSR but the style and content are there."

Moreven Brushwood

Recommended by Beloch Shrike; "probably doesn't consider herself an "OSR Artist," but she plays in OSR games, prefers OSR games over other types of games, and makes art for my OSR books. So I figure she qualifies."

"I juuuust started contributing to OSR books and zines (Blueholme Journeymanne, Fighting Fantazine, Alarums & Excursions), but am looking for more projects to work on! or email graxbw at gmail dotcom. thanks!"

Jeff Call

Featured in Mortzengersturm, the Mad Manticore of Prismatic Peak

Courtney Campbell

He publishes here but I think mainly as an author rather than artist.

Luigi Castellani

"Did art for Small Niche Games, SineNomine Publishing, Geoffrey McKinney..."

Thomas Denmark

"Artist and writer on Warriors of the Red Planet, among other things"

Jeremy Duncan

Can be seen in Into the Odd, Chthonic Codex, and many more.

Amanda Franck


Tomasso Galmacci

Ellie Gill

Jez Gordon

Purchasable in Death Frost Doom and did layout work for Red and Pleasant Land, Veins of the Earth and many, many, many others.

Herror Grafico

Kelvin Green

Can be purchased in Forgive Us.

John Grumph (Largely mapping)

Jeremy Hart

Chachi Hernandez

C Huth

They're a pro so check their site for products.

Guillaume Jentey

Can be seen in Macchiato Monsters.

David Lewis Johnson

Can be seen in Gathox Vertical Slum

Rachel Kahn

Ingrid Kallick

Mun Kao

Logan Knight

Can be seen in Pernicious Albion but I think it's sold out? (it hasn't)

Doug Kovacs

Can be bought in a bunch of DCC modules.

Gus L

Gus does everything from writing to layout to publishing, including art. You can seem more at his site.

Dirk Detweiler Leichty

Jagoba Lekuona

He did the cover afor theis Spanish Fanzine which you can buy here;

Wind Lothamer

Rich Longmore

Did illustrations for Carcosa, Quelong and a loooot of other stuff.

Evlyn M

(Who also published under the name of  Cédric. And yes I have had a conversation with her about this.)


Jim Magnusson

No site that I could find but he looks good.

Did the cover for this.

Sam Mameli

Nicolo Maioli

Nate Marcel (his shop is there)

Alex Mayo

You can buy his stuff in a lot of places.

Denis McCarthy

Moses McDermott

Todd McGowan

Peter Mullen

Russ Nicholson A young man who may go far

Can be found in Wonder and Wickedness and a few other places over the years.

Diogo Nogueira

I think he made Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells and is in a bunch of other things.

Thomas Novosel

Juan Carlos Ochoa

Hes a pro so I think he's been in a bunch of stuff but try this.

Anxy P

I know hes in Vacant Ritual Assembly 6

Stefan Poag

His shop is here and he's going to be in Operation Unfathomable with Jason Sholtis (below).

Sean Poppe

Featured in the Driftwood Verses and Wormskin.

Micheal Prescott

Joel Priddy

Scrap Princess

Co-creator of Veins of the Earth, Deep Carbon Observatory and Fire on the Velvet Horizon.

Daniel Puerta

Alec S

Eric Quigley 

Matthew Ray

Luka Rejec

Seen in the Misty Isles of Eld, and a few other places I think.

James Shields

Jason Sholtis

He has the Dungeon Dozen book out and is releasing Operation Unfathomable at some point.

Wayne Snyder

You can buy his stuff online here.

His portfolio.

Robertson Sondoh Jr

"he mainly draws for his own projects -minimalist d6 rpgs influenced by old school stuff:"

Karl Stjernberg

Leanna TenEycke

Illustrator, Isometric designer

worked for North Wind Adventures AS&SH, Troll Lord Games, TSR (New), Blueholme, Expeditious Retreat Press, and many others.

Jethro Wall

He's got zines and a store on his site.

Andrew Walter

Did the cover for Crypts of Indormancy.

James V West

Does the Black Pudding Zine.

Grey Wiz

Steve Zieser

Steve is sadly no longer with us but friends and fans of his have asked for him to be included. I hope this won't be offensive to his wife or relatives.

His blog

You can still buy his work here


  1. Thank you for this !
    It's very to find such good artists in a same page but.... you make a little mistake writting my name :
    I'm Guillaume Jentey (you forget the last "e" and wrote Jenty...)

    1. Ok, fixed, with apologies.

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    3. No need to apologize I have a f....g french name and even in France, people write it with mistake ;)

  2. You can download "vieja escuela" from As physical copies run out, PDF are uploaded for free there

  3. Oh how fun! I can't wait to comb through this at leisure. Thank you!

  4. Actually, a better link for my OSRish work is My deviantart page is very much under updated. :)

  5. Sam Mameli is on G+ here:

  6. You missed Peter Mullen, who does a lot of great art for DCC.

    1. Gimmie a sec with that one, I'm going to have to make a new sub-list of people with links and images and then add them systematically.

  7. Tooting my own horn...

  8. Wow, thanks for this list. My RSS explode.

  9. Patrick, appreciate the shout-out. I'm almost a pure cartographer, but not quite:

    1. I have added you Micheal but I have put in a more vertical image than the ones you linked to as those wide horizontal images don't show up to best effect in the blogger format. I hope that's ok.

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  11. I don't know if I qualify to be listed with these luminaries of the community, but I've got art work in 17 OSRish books and zines, 11 of which can be found on RPGNow.

    Sorta portfolio here:

  12. I would like to direct your attention to Tomasso Galmacci:

    He has done some 5e work but his style suits older works.

  13. Shameless self-pimping
    Luigi Castellani
    Did art for Small Niche Games, SineNomine Publishing, Geoffrey McKinney...

  14. Here's another couple of good'uns from the Wormskin stable (and other stables, I'm sure):
    Thomas Novosel:
    Nicolo Maioli:

  15. You're super cool for doing this Patrick.
    I uh, guess I should squeak up.
    Just make stuff for my own weird thing... everyone here is so good...

  16. I juuuust started contributing to OSR books and zines (Blueholme Journeymanne, Fighting Fantazine, Alarums & Excursions), but am looking for more projects to work on! or email graxbw at gmail dotcom. thanks!

  17. I did all the monster art for Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition as well as some stuff for Dungeon Crawl Zine...

  18. I'm flattered to be part of your collection, thank you!

    You can put my surname Puerta if you want to, it has been made public several times and I think that eventually I'll add it to my blogs.

    About my recent involvement with OSR projects, I'm one of the illustrators of a thematic bestiary set in a world of floating islands called "Criaturas del Vacío Celeste" "Creatures of the Celestial Void"

    You can see more here, but it is only in Spanish.,5167_funddescription.png

  19. Not sure if I qualify, but I saw others pimping themselves.

    Del Teigeler (tie-gler)
    Illustrator, Isometric designer

    worked for North Wind Adventures AS&SH, Troll Lord Games, TSR (New), Blueholme, Expeditious Retreat Press, and many others.

    1. Can't download from your blog or fully access your Deviantart but if you can get me a downloadable image link I will put you in.

    2. Does this work?

  20. Just saw this list. Here's some info:

    Worked on Blueholme, Umerican Survival Guide, and OSR zines and more.

    1. Think we have you in but if that's not you then let me know.

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