Sunday, 18 June 2017

Arnold asked me to post this

and I didn't really wanna, but I gotta post bro, its almost my job. So here is a Sunday post that no-one will read so I can post but avoid the shame.

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7 Jun 2017
How do I learn to write better prose?

And don't just tell me to read more and pay attention when I'm reading.
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  1. I'm glad you posted this; some very good advice.

  2. This is some great stuff here.

  3. Oh shit you posted all of it. But yeah, no one reads Sunday posts, so we're safe.

    Be a shame if someone shared it on a Monday, though. . .

  4. Also gonna plug this thing I wrote about how to be creative.

  5. Scrap once wrote, as a random table result "A busting fat piggy!" which is the most poetic and euphonious thing I've ever heard, partially on account of what your mouth has to do to say those sounds.

    So, there's spoken poetry there, I think Scrap's aversion to poetry isn't aversion to sound it's aversion to impatience around the forming of the idea.

    1. Turns out I got that line from Martha Wentworth at 26:13 here though she says "pig" rather than piggy

  6. Thanks for posting this. I used to write a lot of poetry, but haven't picked up my pen to do so in years. Now that I'm DMing more and having to flesh out a lot of what I want to do in writing, I think some of the exercises you've mentioned would be incredibly useful. Thanks again for sharing all of this.

  7. If I think about I do kinda hear words when I read them but it's hard to tell if I'm creating that voice by listening for it. Regardless it always seems slower than how I'm reading the text, and have a lot of vocab that I have no idea how to actually say but think and write with anyway

  8. Songs lyrics and song fragments are still part of my psyches soundscape and there's words and languages that i love hearing, but poetry is just silent to me.

  9. Useful. Thanks man! I don't read enough Poetry. I don't read enough anything anymore because I am failing.