Thursday, 20 April 2017

Get Rock

(apparently there's a 200 word RPG challenge so I am listlessly clawing my way onto the bandwagon.)

Get Rock.

Game is - have best rock.
How to know?

Big rule is - all word say is all one thing.
All word say true for all till Get Rock done.

Small rule is – make say like this.
No long word. No time word. No if word. No maybe word.
Only now word. Only do word.

Look into enemy eye and make scared.
Think about own rock big own rock strong!
Other rock small other rock weak!
Go one two three.
On three make shape with hand.
Choose. Make leaf? Make knife? Make rock?
Is big think on this.

Leaf wrap rock - leaf win.
Knife cut leaf - knife win.
Rock blunt knife - rock win!

Leaf win? How rock not stronger?
Make good say why other rock weak!

Knife win? You smart. Them dumb. Not use rock!
Now make clever say why am smart other dumb - why not have rock?

Rock win? Is good! Rock strong!
Now make big rock boast how own rock best!

Both same? Throw all rock away! All new rock. All new word.

Done say? Go again!

Get Rock done when one say you rock best or both can make no say.


  1. i don't...why...who...rock? Like with a guitar?

    Where am I?

  2. This 200 thing is giving great games for playing with children