Friday, 28 April 2017

Bad guys from The Legion of Regrettable Super-Villains by Jon Morris

Rather than review this book, which would take actual thought, I'm just going to rip off any ideas that might be useful in RPG's and dump them here with a bunch of images, which requires only work.


Bullseye - a criminal clown, unlike the Marvel Comics Bullsey, this individual can't be hit. Would make an interesting challenge for a low-level party and a fun spoiler for a mid level party I think.

Dr Voodoo - A servant of Lilith, goddess of all evil and her consort The Immortal Emperor.

This is Dr Voodoo trying to kill Wonder Man in space.
Note his pensive and workaday expression.
Note also also the guy with the giant yellow grin, that's the Immortal Emperor.

Comes from a dark satellite of the moon where every evil soul that has ever existed has taken refuge. Squads of "anthrozoons" using "vapor guns", "frigitrons" and a "vacuum spiral", along with a solar army of "Thermodons". Dr Voodoo actually wonders if the earth is worth conquering but his evil goddess regards it as her rightful domain so he continues.

I think I like everything about this guy? Weird weapons, solar army, comes from the Death Moon, or Death Satellite technically I think. Potential world-threat but still just doing his job so fun for the PCs to chat to.

Fang - a creature from Desolation island, a place of pure horror.

Look at his goddamn face.
He was banished for being too terrible and left on an ice floe to die. He can conjure armies of terrible monsters from his imagination.

The Horrible Hand - a giant, disembodied, flying red hand in a bird cage. Apparently the hand of a devil, it can receive and obey commands.

King Killer - A giant Frankenstein, seven feet high, with a head crammed with the brains of infamous killers, thieves, hit men and gangland chiefs.

His teeth are fangs and a scar down the centre of his skull shows where they shoved in the extra criminal brains. He brings together every criminal in the United States and build a city of crime in his own new US state called Rex.

Mr Night - The living embodiment of the absence of all colour.

Otto Binder was pretty good.

The Colour Kingdom of Rainbow City, "Arbour of the Sky Spirits" is ruled by King Colour and is the place where all colours come from. Mister Night is an evil sky spirit banished from the city who now lives in the gloomy reaches of Nightland and wants to turn everything in existence jet black so that he can rule the world.

Robbing Hood - I'm going to describe this guy as he's shown on the cover as he's amazing;

A giant, maybe twice as high as a four story building, with a somewhat prominent front row of upper teeth and strong christopher-lee esque features, wearing perfectly tailored top and tails with a bow tie and a gleaming black top hat, all giant sized, and armed with a gigantic bow and arrow.

His aim is to steal from the poor and give to the rich simply on principal. I imagine him reaching down into homes and scraping out all the items. After doing this he goes off and dumps it all in front of the idle rich, who don't want it.

Sadly-Sadly - A notorious career criminal on the run gets into local theatre to make end meet. The director finds his face incredibly sad and alters it to make it even more sad. The criminals face is now so sad that anyone who sees it breaks down crying and feels so bad for him they won't try to stop him committing crimes, even turning into a mob to protect him from agents of the law.

To defeat him, make him laugh.

The Crimson Raider - a cursed, immortal, giant, pirate. Unwanted in either heaven or hell, the only way the Crimson Raider can finally rest is if he loads his pirate treasure onto someone who;

- Shares his surname.
- Uses the money for the betterment of mankind.

Inevitably the wealth corrupts the recipient and the raider has to re-collect all the gold, every piece, and start again. Each time this happens he grows another foot high.

Lord Lazee - A fat man in a horned helmet who never leaves his couch and is served food pills by his manservant Vigoro. He controls a Terrible Trio of Terrifying Robots called Terrorquake, Titdalruin and Tornadoom.

Our Man - a nihilistic artist in a robot suit.

Steve Ditkos impression of nihilistic and self-loathing art is actually more interesting
to look at than his 'positive' art, which I'm not sure he was aware of.

"Man is an incompetent nothing in a world of mystic terrors ... all without meaning and purpose." He puts on an armoured suit based on the statue which inspired these thoughts he makes his aim destroying heroic art.

The Crime Merchant - literally sells plans and criminal schemes for profit.

Sinestro the Boy Fiend - An ordinary boy with no special powers who arms himself with a bunch of gagets; a gyrocopter, an x-ray scope, a "Super-Gun" firing some kind of liquid, a flashing hypnotic light, a pea-shooter, a mask and a cape and helps out villains apparently purely becasue heroes piss him off.

GANGS; (or rival parties).

Generalissimo Brainstorm - Brainstorms gang is well suited to an aquatic adventure.. A short bald man in a self-designed military uniform. His brain powers create a literal storm of sparks and sound effects around his head at all times. Has superintelligence, telepathy and mind-control.

Chief Ooz - a scientist with a specially trained attack dolphin.

The Human Anchor - has the power of sinking and being very heavy.

Murderina Mermaid - a clockwork mermaid assassin.

The Death Battalion - not impossible to imagine running up against these guys in Vornheim.

Dr Death - an evil concert magician, he composes a "symphony of death" which kills any musician who plays it.

The Ghost - An embezzler who robs the charitable foundation he helps to run, aided by a gang dressing in frightening ghost and skeleton costumes.

The Horned Hood - A respected scholar with a secret life where he is a feared jewel thief, armed with a lethal _lead-filled club of thorns_.

The Black Thorn - A hooded man with a 'Mummy Ray' that can fatally dehydrate his enemies.

The Black Crown - An evil circus performer with a gang of other circus professionals, including a Gorilla named Gargantua.

The Laughing Skull - A masked disgraced banker for forces his enemies to read their own epitaphs before murdering them at their grave sites.

The Brain - a guy in a globualar mesh helmet who is secretly the warden of the prison they were all imprisoned in.

The Big Gang - These guys have a much more gloriously stupid Reintsien flavour. A gang of thieves who specifically, and only, steal BIG items. The worlds largest book, biggest drum, coin, organ, bell, painting and emerald.

Big Brain - "more brains than an entire college faculty".

Big Ben - Essentially keeps the gangs schedule, if only every PC party had someone like this.

Big Bertha - a woman who's arms are so strong she can hurl objects like a cannon firing.

Big Shot - A marksman with all kinds of hyper-specific firearms.

Big Deal - baffles and confused people with card tricks.

Big Cheese - "who concocts cheese with extraordinary powers" knockout cheese, cement cheese, projectile cheese.

Big Wig - who's weapons are his wigs, including at least one exploding wig.

The Headmen

Dr Arthur Nagan, Gorilla Man - a human head transplanted onto a Gorilla body by angry Gorillas. That is correct, he did not transplant his own head, the Gorillas did it as revenge.

Shrunken Bones - While experimenting with a shrinking gas he accidentally shrunk his skeleton, leaving the rest of his body the same size, his skin hangs grotesquely from his body.

Chondu the Mystic - Does mind transfer via mystic powers, current main body is has bat wings, lampreys for arms and the legs of an eagle.

Ruby Thursday - A brilliant scientist who replaces her own head with a malleable, spherical supercomputer which she can change into a variety of tools and weapons.


  1. Shrunken Bones is a great idea.

  2. Also it would be great to run a campaign in which the PCs are the Big Gang.

    1. They are almost a PC party already. Big Gang vs the Crime King.