Thursday, 13 February 2014

Seven Hidden Cities


1. Gold-Knot
2. Storm-Shield
3. Man-Hive
4 Pride-Forge
5. Fear-Throne
6. Mine-Weaver
7. Slavehell

1. Contemptible
2. of Lightswallow
3. MoanCrown
4. GlimmerChoke
5. Escapes-Defeat
6. Much-Warred-Over
7. Bloodstone

1. An un-detected escape route from Hell
2. A one-way tear in time.
3. Consequence-free eternal life
4. The genocide-key for a whole monster race
5. The means to find anyone (once)
6. Three words that command the attention of gods
7. A way to become whoever you want (once)

“But was hidden”
1. In a fold in space between shadow and light. (Become 2d to access.)
2. Composed into music by a madman. (Find the music and play it all.)
3. In a mass-shamanic dreaming.
4. Sent half a second back in time. (Besieged by Dinosaurs.)
5. Simply walled of from within and camouflaged.
6. Approaches transformed into a 3d labyrinth that consumes all.
7. Taken to a different plane and rebuilt by Djinn each night. (Same relative location though.)

So it seemed neccessary to work out Kennings for underground cities.

What do people think of the tables thing?

I started making this thing, I didn't know what it was. First it was just a list of strange rumours. Then it was kind of a map. Then it turned into a series of good-to-middling generators. It doent really work that well as any of those.

maybe I should put it on pause and do something else?


  1. This name generator and plot generator work well as raw idea plasm. Like bringing ground beef to a barbecue. And yeah, sometimes I just want to eat a hamburger, but you are so good at the ground beef.

    and fuck yeah dinosaur siege.

  2. Fantastic stuff.
    Wildly imaginative and very useful.
    Thank you very much.