Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Tuesday Image Reveal - Boreala!


From the book;

"A living storm of brass, bronze and Verdigris-stained copper leaves . They roil in the darkness,, momentarily shaping the form of a hooded woman before decaying into storm."

what could this mean?

Nothing good as you are about to be sliced to bits by a witch made of metallic leaves and then carried booming through the tomb to an iron tree;

"Black Iron, nearly as tall as the room. Forged in perfect simulation of a crabbed, knotted, ancient stand of wood. Low, thick-trunked, with spiderous branches splintering from its crown and recurving like biting jaws. All jagged and studded with vile black iron thorns, each curved upwards to make certain nothing slips from their spike."

Where you will be jammed like the catch of a Shrike! Bleeding and (largely) helpless unless your friends can find you and get you down.

Why is this happening? Why and how would a spirit of wind be bound to guard a hidden tomb? Where does she rest and what does it all have to do with the strange time-locked statue of a Bird-Headed Man;

"Austere. Cross-legged on the plinth. A cloak of falling feathers frozen in time, each layered in bright colours like a laminated slide. In his lap, a whirl of glass, like a small tornado held like a monarchs orb. Very-tiny leaves are visible inside."

Is there anything you can do to persuade or avoid this Autumn Witch? Or must you find a way to battle the wind itself?

The only way to find out is to join the..




  1. Heartening to see you back to a project more in line with DCO, still your best work. And quite a mighty haul on the starter.

    1. Lol it has multi-gendered fire-people, an insanely complex backstory and MASKS

    2. I listened to the Zockbock podcast. The part about chivalric traps that could only be avoided by emulating the ancient chivalric culture of its extinct builders was fascinating and promising. I think you might pull it off. Here's hoping.