Sunday, 5 September 2021

Seven-Headed Beast



We only have a week left on the...


So get ready for posting. EVERY GODDAMN DAY this week. 

Each day I will be blogging an image from the book, along with two big reveals -  the Cover and the image that didn't turn out to be the cover but we ae still putting in the book.

Ending on Sat, September 11 2021 11:00 PM BST

That's 6pm in New York and 3pm in L.A.

When I will *try * (if I can get it set up properly), to do another 11th-hour Youtube livestream where I get increasingly drunk and FLIP OUT at trolls.

If anyone wants interviews or media, so long as it comes out before Saturday, I am available. Comment here or hit my email/


  1. I remember that picture! Back when I was a kid, my family were JWs, and they used that picture a lot. Weird flashback

  2. My bad, this is the picture I'm familiar with:

  3. The Vanishing Tower Podcast is available to record an interview and post it. I will review the kickstarter, comments if possible, mine some of your past thoughts on roleplay so if you answer in the affirmative I can cobble together interesting questions.

  4. I wonder if that particular depiction of the apocalypse beast is meant to have each head represent one of the 7 sins? The heads most indicative of it being the Pig (gluttony) and the lamprey/sucker fish looking one (sloth). My guess would then be going clockwise from the top left :Envy, Wrath , Pride, Envy , Greed.
    Also support our Kickstarter everyone