Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Meet the Salt Dryad

Only three days (of marketing posts), till the Demon-Bone Sarcophagus Kickstarter is done.

"In the darkness, a ring of burning phosphorous orbs reveals a glittering chrysalis of violet crystal wrapped around an empty space, in the shape of a woman.

Her eyes sparkle like broken geodes. She wears a depleted uranium robe that curls around her like smooth silk, and carries a Tomb Key around her neck."

Handmaiden to the Queen of Fire, the timeless dryad has been chilling in her Helictite Boudoir, quietly watching the tendrils of her salt-ivy infiltrate and consume the local area.

"Glistering and glimmering, reflecting every ray of lamplight, the Ivy is a wonderland, shining like ice over steel, rising in piles from the floor and hanging like vines from above. Plantlike tendrils form a semi-enclosed globular bed, like a huge empty lantern, in the middle of the room."

Those of you familiar with Salt Dryads will know that they key to speaking with them is to be polite. (If your PCs played through Deep Carbon Observatory and met the Salt Dryads there then Navidorines responses will take that into account.)

The Keys to the Tomb

As for the Tomb Key - yes, this is a dungeon crawl and there are Keys. In particular the Tomb Keys which open (or aid in opening if you are an exceptionally good thief) several important doors. 

The Tomb Keys are cursed (or enchanted), should you receive one willingly, it acts as a normal item. If you receive one without the consent of its holder then each key weighs 75 Kilos (about 160 pounds). Though of course for the true OSR player having a super-dense item only opens up new and disturbing possibilities for trickery and problem solving.

New Interview

A new interview! On a little-seen blog, Dan Sumptons Peakrill!


Watch me be interviewed from a car! In respect for the theme of the book, one item in Dans car chooses to go on fire during the interview, can you guess what it will be, and when?

Add-On Products?

Can we 'add on' other False Machine products with Demon-Bone Sarcophagus?

Effectively - yes.

As soon as the book is printed it goes up on our store here;

The backers are then sent a code which reduces the cost of the book to zero.

They then go to the store, order the book using the code, paying nothing for the book itself, and pay postage to wherever they are.

At the same time you can order any other False Machine book available at the store and have it sent to you as part of the same order with combined postage

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