Thursday, 9 September 2021

Thursday Image - Seven Silver Statues

 "Persistent and irritating. The move like sleepwalkers or drugged actors playing nobles and feed off attention, following and gesturing at anyone who pays attention to them."

Who are these strange figures...

 and what do they portend? 

"1. A daring and beautiful, though imperious young woman, armed with a macahuitl, crowned, clearly not entirely human.
2. A near middle-aged man, cracks run though his flesh like the wood of fire-blackened trees. He feels calm, centred and commanding, uses a slender war hammer as a walking stick.
3. A slightly pompous, serious-looking young man, a half-face mask set around one eye, a circular sun etched in the centre of his chest, attired in what looks like jagged feathers.
4. A figure with no mask, impudent face. A light step and open manner. bald, halo like a candleflame. Indiscernible gender.
5. A teenage girl, half-face mask, hair worked into tight ropes. Slight vulnerability.
6. A teenage girl, lower body a crazed constellation of shifting elements, as if she were billowing int and out of existence from the waist down.
7. A teenage girl, no mask, armed with a sword, confident princely stride and high head. Statues Tipping Over: Filled with liquid metal, the statues are unsteady and must move slowly. If interfered with or impacted with, they may fall and if they fall they will smash open, releasing the mercury within."

To Find Out...

All you need to do is back out Kickstarter, then wait a year or two and back the second Kickstarter; 'Frictionless Blue Glass', and then assuming we haven't gone mad or bankrupt, come in again a year or so after that and back the third Kickstarter; 'Palaces of Fire'!

There you will visit the titular Palaces of Fire and meet all the individuals depicted here (except for one....)

Pretty simple really. 

Though actually we do include a big lore dump at the start of this book which sets up and refers to the whole series and which is itself introduced by your old friend....



And who calls in a new friend, one freshly arrived at False Machine Towers, (we needed someone with a 'sonorous tone' for the Lore bits). Who are they....

Back the Kickstarter to find out!



  1. Now these statues I like very much.

    I would say they would look good in some sort of garden, but who knows what wonders and terrors they bring with them.

  2. I pretty much like all of Scrap's art, but those statues are one of her best. Really great postures and shading.