Sunday, 19 September 2021

Space Filling Picture Post

Posting will be slow and/or bad for a while as I am working on integrating playtest feedback for Demon-Bone Sarcophagus so here are some photos of minis I have painted since the last time I showed you mini photos.

Kitbashed Hellbrute for my 'Agents of Bile'

Some pretty decent Lumineth though it was hard to get a good photo of them.

Conversely a pretty bad paint job I was able to get some good photos of them.

'Lord Tiger Claw' or 'Joe Exotic' of the Emperors Children

Some more Agents of Bile

Light of Eltherion

Spooky AdMech kitbash I might get around to painting one day

Some slavic-themed Vampire and Skeleton boys

Stormcast/Noise marine Kitbash. Again not a great paint job but I am quite proud of the bash

The Fabulous One himself with some kitbashed obliterators and a gift from a friend

And finally the latest of fabulous Bills creations, some Indomitus assault marines kit bashed into biohorrors with a colour scheme based on emergency vehicle hazard patterns


Also this was meant to be my mums birthday present but SPANISH CUSTOMS WON'T FUCKING DELIVER IT!!!


  1. What's your recipe for stone? It looks ace in the sister model.

    I <3 eyeboy 4 real

  2. Your kitbashes all have a nice gritty blanche-esque feeling to them. good stuff

  3. That is some cool ass shit. The Light of Eltherion in particular is dope as fuck, and I want it, or at the very least to paint one just like it. Just super cool, and very good work.

    Also that orc lookin' fella on the big wolf is pretty killer. As are the undead knights. Damn dude, I'm very jealous, I want to throw those guys at my players yesterday.

  4. Those are all pretty amazing stuff, thanks for sharing!

  5. SO...your painting is fantastic/awesome and puts my own mediocre work to shame (though as a dude with a history of fielding an All Khorne army, I spit on your Slannesh). Kudos.

    Just in case you're interested (and because you're into both old school D&D and Warhammer Chaos), I'd invite you to check out my most recent book, COMES CHAOS:

    It's written for B/X and is heavily inspired by the original GW Realms of Chaos tomes (as well as Moorcock, Mutant Chronicles, CoC, etc.). 64 pages, art by Kelvin Green.