Monday, 6 September 2021

Monday Image Reveal - The Back Cover!


I will be posting an image every day till the Kickstarter ends and that starts today with our rear cover.

And why is an image this good just the REAR COVER?

It’s because the cover image (coming soon) is EVEN BETTER!

We are looking at 'Reductor', (not her given name). From the book;

"A woman like a twist of bone, all stooped and steepled like an abandoned church. A beautiful black and silver mask. Her hands and feet replaced by bronze hooks. Her long hair hangs down and around her neck she wears the medallion of a flensed face cut from red pearl."

Reductor was originally Rohtzukgambeh, (Roh-Tzuk-Gam-Beh), a somewhat-evil expert in mummufication and various other necromatic studies. So evil in fact that if she (or even her ghost) were to ever touch the floor, her soul would fall through the surface, tumbling whelling all the way to hell where her righeous punishment awaits.

She exchanged her eternal service to the Fire Queen for a tomb in which neither he ghost nor body would ever have to touch the floor. (You can see her sarcophagus there in the iamge suspended by chains).

In return she mummified the Queen of Fire and her ghost guards her tomb still (something also of benefit to her as she really does not want anyone disturbing that sarcophagus).

And for those who played through Deep Carbon Observatory, good(ish) news;

"She speaks in the Language of Fire and the Language of the Dam-Builders (vertical integration again!). Her intonation sounds like that of a reasonable Doctor, like someone making calming sounds for a nervous animal or someone about to perform an operation on a child; “Now-now, it will all be over soon.”

If any party member can speak the Language of Fire, or the Language of the Dam-Builders, or has any artefacts of the Dam-Builders from DCO then Reductor will be much more interested in them and may even try to converse with them. (Though she still plans to prevent any soul from leaving the tomb).

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