Friday, 10 September 2021

Friday Reveal - THE FRONT COVER

 I seems hard to believe that, when I first started relentlessly posting marketing copy, five, maybe even seven days ago, that we would one-day reach this point, the point of me no longer having to advertise and whore myself out with every word I speak.

Yet here we are, only a day or so away from the end of the Kickstarter for Demon-Bone Sarcophagus and already I can feel parts of my soul re-entering my body.

But, sadly, not quickly enough to save you from 24 MORE HOURS OF BLARING NONSENSE BABAY!!!!!!!!!

The marketing beast writhes in my stomach. It churns and bubbles, flicks its tentacles and whispers...

"Show them the cover Patrick..." it burbles.
"Show them the front cover.... The WHOLE BIG THING."

Very well ye foul tumesence, I shall bow to thy will this one last time.

Behold, the mummification, of a QUEEN

Sad deeds done darkly as foul forms gather. 

The Fire Queens Sem Priest begins her mummification, but what disturbing spirits gather as she does? Simply the ghosts of Rohtzukgambehs questionable past? The echoes of slain foes of One Who Strode The World? Or something still worse?

There are monsters so awful that even to destroy them sets them free. They must be bound, secret and safe in a place shrouded in shadow that no-one will ever locate.

Until the moment YOU arrive.


You have a day left. Will we hit the big map tomb-plan version - probably not, but if we do end up making the Heist Plans in real life I will **TRY** [THIS IS NOT A LEGAL PROMISE JUST A STATEMENT OF DESIRE] to make sure people who backed for that level get a copy, even if the KS doesn't hit that level. [IF WE CAN AFFORD IT WE ARE ON MINIMUM WAGE OVER HERE].

Maps by Rachel Tew/Cartographybird

Design Polish by Mariah Ku

24+ hours to go!

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