Thursday 27 February 2014

Speak With Air

Air speaks to you of what it contains. The fullness of the message depends on the volume questioned, the more immediate the volume  then the more personal and vivid the reply.

Speak With Air is almost useless in the outer world, the air moves constantly and has no individual consciousness, any attempt to speak with it is like speaking with the whole world.

In a dungeon, the air is stagnant. Still unmoving air is cognitively dead, or, from its perspective, undead. It moans, sighs, notices and reports little.

In the vast interconnected caverns beneath the earth, the air is concentrated, shaped into personality and mindfulness, yet also moves, flows and lives. In these circumstances, or those like them, the air can speak.

Air does not understand mass, weight, colour or light. It senses form, shape, texture and movement. It has a keen sense of its own composition. It knows if it has smoke in it for instance, it knows its own temperature. It senses the respiration of lungs as keen points of annihilation and transformation moving through it. Like fires but lesser, rhythmic and mild.

Air can generally sense those human-shaped things which move and do not breath, which can be useful in hunting undead.

Air thinks and forgets very quickly, so information moving through, for instance, a series of interconnected caves, is very quickly degraded the further it travels from its source. Air cannot be bargained with as it will not recall the deal. Every minded self of air is immediate and transient, regarding itself as eternal, yet lodged firmly in the now.

The Volume with which you wish to speak.
What is it like speaking to the volume?
What level of information can it communicate?
House room
Speaking directly with another person
Everything a person could say or know. Like speaking to a blind and sensuous sculptor who exists only in one place.
Every room in a house
A group of people shouting from room to room.
Numbers, movements, accurate descriptively but no penetration onto cause.
Every room in an office building
Addressing a crowded room, full of people.
As above but with much more disagreement, vagueness and alternate views.
Volume of a stadium
Being before a  gigantic crowd
Only massive events and basic one-word emotions.
Volume of a city
Shouting on the street of a city
Possibly a very general mood and very major events, for instance, something like 911 would be reported, or a major riot.

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