Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Call me now alien overlords

37. D6 suicidal master assassins listen in despair to the muttering of an eagle-sized fungal moth. If interrupted or spoke to, an assassin will
1-3 attack.
4 attack another assassin.
5 attack the moth.
6 attempt suicide.
On witnessing this, on the next turn the closest assassin will (roll again and once each turn). Moth is a semidivine companion to a suicide god of despair. Highly magical, powerful familiar, tends to crush hopes of those around.

38. Court of the Worm King. The final (d6+1) pretenders to the crown of Worms battle here for the throne. One (randomly chosen) holds a sword that kills kings in one blow and harm none else. Only the eldest living is vulnerable to the sword.

39. d100 berserk and biting ratman scuffle for possession of an iron ring which binds a dementia-ridden Djinn. (Forgets how many wishes he gave, who you are, who he is, what’s going on.)

40. This Mad Ooze Cult has stolen a counter-signed sentence of death from the Drow with the guilty name as yet un-writ. Half are sane, yet have true faith in the Mad Ooze. The other half are mad, yet secretly disbelieve in the Awful God. None know which is which.

41. A ring of Fungal Paladins has taken possession of an unfolding iron gae that instantly transports anyone to its companion; altarpiece of a cathedral for an unforgiving surface faith. Expect mutual Jihad.

42. A radical faction of forgotten golems, ceramic, electrum and glass, have stolen a spell that charms any Lich. They fake Autonomy and speak in euro-philosophical vagaries. In truth they must obey any spoke command. They will kill madly and at speed to preserve their revolution.

43 – 48

This person
This Place
A hyper-intelligent true-neutral Troll
To Escape from
The SpiderClimb 3D warzone
The prophet of the petty god of Orbs
To Terrorise
The Watchtower of the Beholders
The familiar of a Dreaming Lich
The location of
Vents of the Steam Ghosts
The greatest human climber ever born
The path to
The Hive of Dead Ants
A highly-rational non-violent human girl
To Heist something from
The Great Trilobite Joust!
The tongue-parasite in a pickled dragons head
To Infiltrate
The Auction of Souls

49 – 54

This person
This Place
The glass-bound herald of a Feudal Ooze
Information on
The Olm who sleep beyond the black falls
A braindead dwarf berserker of the mindflayer clade
To send very bad news indeed to
The Sleepless Servants of the God of Time
A Composer-Knight of Organs City
To beg a ceasefire from
The Gold-Mines of the Dwarf Lords, delving from above
A necrocrat bureaumancer
To discover the treasure locations of
A spirit haunting the empty shore f a forgotten subterranean lake
A Cloaker ambassador with strings of maddened scribes to translate
To outbid or undermine
The Anti-King of the Under-Fey in their mirror-ceiling halls.
Levitating Fungal Bodhavista
To distract and bemuse
The Bolero brain parasites who conspire against order and peace

55 – 60

Have one chance to
And just need you to
Abandoned children
Escape their pursuers
Train them to fight
Fleeing slaves
Make a last stand
take out the bad guys
Break free
steal a key
Dissident Artists
Grab the treasure
Guide them there
Doomed delvers like yourself
Depose the evil ruler
Help them run
Recently de-petrified Medusa statues
Free the city
Give them food (yourselves, shock cannibals.)

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