Friday, 21 February 2014

Lets try this again

1. Cancer bear camouflaged in carved marble
2. Crins Crack, three miles lonh, one deep, four feet wide.
3. Giant-Saints tomb, safe retreat for those unarmed.
4. Silk-train of guarded slaves in single file.
5. Temple to the Void God, empty when full.
6. Earth Elemental anchorite, enraged.
7. Tombs of the Sphere-Lords, empty now, and smooth.
8. Umbral-Town, arranged in shadowed segments
9. Blind Masons, traipsing and talking of stone.
10.Olm on a vision-quest, what does he see?
11. Deep-Elf slavers, prepared, waiting for you.
12. Mermaid Falls, water singing over bone.
13. Igneous-Villa, civilised and Black.
14. The MoonMaster General with his white guard.
15. Temple to an expunged god, sunk long past.
16. Husks of boys, abandoned by the child-thief.
17. Foxfire warrens, threats hide within the lights.
18. Elf-Wait city, sinking slowly in time.
19. Archean adventurers, statue-slow.
20. Time’s mandala, it’s never-ceasing monks.
21. Grimlocks with night-lamps and eye-seeking darts.
22. The fortress-climb of Uncle Spine, well hid.
23. City of the Opaque Eye, ruled by Doom.
24. Olm on an epic migration rappel.
25. Prison of the Daemon Choir, feared by all.
26. Spider-Riding suicidal death-dwarves
27. Subducted Rocket Silo, ancient make.
28. Dugout town, built in old workings of war.
29. Bat-Riders, taking the tunnels at speed.
30. Sacristy of Gloom, cloaked in sombre light
31. A Speleo-Mage and her seven thieves
32. Tumour-Mound of the Termites Chaotic
33. Mirror-Ville, accessed through volcanic glass.
34. Stew-merchants carting their cauldron of slops.
35. The Energy Saints electrical prayers.
36. Frantic Cambrimen looking for a fight.
37. Shifting conch-cave of the stone-smuggling thieves
38. Hell-Town, kept by Cop Daemons bound in pairs.
39. Sleepy mage, cradled in her golems arms.
40. Touch-Cut braille stone of the blind creator.
41. Wall-crawling goblins guide organised orcs.
42. Cavern-plain of endlessly shifting stone.
43.Fishing village hidden under the falls
44. Crime Bird rules a wandering orphan tribe.
45. The Llama-Troll, regenerating dreams.
46. Lamenters and lunatics migrating.
47.Cave of Neutrality (not much goes on)
48. Cold-Volcano market of slaves and souls.
49. Library of slaves, each memorised books.
50. Lone child whose guard is the border of night.

This is just more Ruskin quotes. I had to put them somewhere!
(Have finished the book now so you are safe.)

“ It matters not how clumsy, how common, the means are, that get weight and shadow – sloping roof, jutting porch, projecting balcony, hollow niche, massy gargoyle, frowning parapet ; get but gloom and simplicity, and all good things will follow in their place and time ;  do but design with the owls eyes first, and you will gain the falcons afterwards.”

“I believe that thus we may reason from Frequency to Beauty, and vice versa ; that, knowing a thing to be frequent, we must assume it to be beautiful ; and assume that which is most frequent to be most beautiful : I mean, of course visibly frequent ; for all the forms of things which are hidden in caverns of the earth or in the anatomy of animal frames are evidently not intended by their Maker to bear the habitual gaze of man,”

“There is another very curious instance of distortion above the central door of the west front. All the intervals between the seven arches are filled with black marble, each containing in its centre a white parallelogram filled with animal mosaics, and the whole surmounted by a broad white band, which, generally, does not touch the parallelogram below. But the parallelogram on the north of the central arch has been forced into an oblique position, and touches the white band ;  and, as if the architect was determined to show that he did not care whether it did or not, the white band suddenly gets thicker at that place, and remains so over the next two arches. And these differences are the more curious because the workmanship of them all is most finished and masterly, and the distorted stones are fitted with as much neatness as if they tallied to a hairs breadth. There is no look of slurring or blundering about it ; it is all coolly filled in, as if the builder had no sense of anything being wrong or extraordinary ; I only wish we had a little of his impudence.”

“I said, early in this essay, that hand-work might always be known from machine-work ; observing, however, at the same time, that it was possible for men to turn themselves into machines, and to reduce their labour to the machine level ; but so long as men work as men, putting their heart into what they do, and doing their best, it matters not how bad workmen they might be, there will be that in the handling which is above all price : it will be plainly seen  that some places have been delighted in no more than others – that there have been a pause, and a care about them ; and then there will come careless bits, and fast bits ;  and here the chisel will have struck hard, and there lightly, and anon timidly ; and if the man’s mind as well as his heart went with his work, all this will be in the right places, and each part will set off the other ; and the effect of the whole, as compared with the same design cut by a machine or a lifeless hand, will be like that of poetry well read and deeply felt to that of the same verses jangled by rote. There are many to whom the difference is imperceptible ;  but to those who love poetry it is everything – they had rather not hear it at all, than hear it I’ll read ; and to those who love Architecture, the life and accent of the hand are everything. They had rather not have ornament at all, than see it ill cut – deadly cut, that is. I cannot too often repeat, it is not coarse cutting, it is not blunt cutting, that is necessarily bad ; but it is cold cutting – the look of equal trouble everywhere – the smooth diffused tranquillity of heartless pains – the regularity of a plough in a level field. The chill is more likely, indeed, to show itself in finished work than in any other – men cool and tire as they complete : and if completeness is thought to be vested in polish, and to be attainable by help of sand paper, we may as well give the work to the engine lathe at once. But right finish is simply the full rendering of the intended impression ; and high finish is the rendering of a well intended and vivid impression ; and it is oftener got by rough than fine handling.”

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