Sunday, 23 February 2014

Done Things

51. Muttering voices ghost you through the walls.
52. Gold-guarding golems confused by a rhyme.
53. A silver thread leads through the shadow gate.
54. Alric the organist pipes in his tomb.
55. Riddle-Twist caverns are half-drowned, but safe.
56. Murdered clones of you, naked, stripped and torn.
57. Hoarders of the mist-mould, under attack.
58. The Fear-King flees and begs for vengeful swords.
59. Mobius-Fort of the Queen that wove time?
60. The Arsenic road will get you there, half dead.
61. The darkness here cups lamps and puts them out.
62. Murdered map-merchant, his secrets un-found.
63. The wing of a dead moth reveals a plot.
64. Undead thieves guard the Twisted Gods crown vault.
65. Dive the vertical Archipelago.
66. Walls scarred by something trying to get away.
67. Thastrovect, the risk-mad gambling Lich.
68. The ghoul-priest gasps his final secret out.
69. This maze hides Life-Knights, Lawful Good undead.
70. Black-Smoker climb leads to Sulphurous wealth.
71. An evil Lord that hails you with your crimes.
72. Robuskinot, the fence of stolen spells.
73. The waterfall hides secret city gates.
74. The Palace of Sighs is ruled by a Ghost.
75. Insanity Crawl cannot be climbed sane.
76. Escaped slaves scream at the sight of you; flee.
77. Doomed Dao drifting on his carpet of gold.
78. Hot girls in danger from a secret foe.
79. The Maze-Monkey made his own, and hides still.
80. This sinkhole takes you past Hell, but it’s fast.
81. Sorcerers Delve with beings of horrid light.
82. Fleeing thief, level ten, twelve HP, rich.
83. The mine-monk holds heretic hordes at bay.
84. Port-Vertical is empty now, and still.
85. The silk-bridge spiders charge a fleshy toll.
86. The Psy-Lords Mind-Mines; cyclic escapees.
87. Devils-Financial, disguised as things meek.
88. The merchants guards are dead, the bandits too.
89. The Sons of the Consuming One wait here.
90. White-Diamond river hides silent stone isles.
91. The flesh-rift and its delicate consent.
92. Seller of swords; broken, brittle, bejewelled.
93. Dragon seeks recruits, interviews in dreams.
94. This truth-obsessed Drow broods still in her Hall.
95. A Frost-Giant ferry wades the fire, for gold.
96.Signs of your passage where never you were.
97. Phat-stacked abandoned aristocrat cats.
98. Abduct a princess, fat reward, you in?
99. The mages labours hid a mighty Delve.
100. Gigaplex Rapids need pilots with Math.

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