Friday, 14 February 2014

Six Armed Groups About To Fuck Up

69 – 74 (This number increasingly irrelevant.)



1. Monster Special Forces (party mirror image 1 lvl higher)
2. Demolitions Crew with drugged, bound, slavemage artillery.
3. Wallcrawling Insect Cuirassiers.
4. Twitchy, naked, meth-slave hoard, handful of handler-sergeants.
5. Pioneer company tunnelling their own route.
6. Black Ops Ghosts, possessing as they go.

Have orders to

1. Destroy
2. Defend
3. Besiege/Harass
4. Infiltrate/Assault by stealth
5. Outflank
6. Assault

1. The palace of a Dao
2. A bridge of ancient Ice
3. An apparently-empty fort
4. The forthouse for a river-barring chain
5. The watchtower of a crossroads chasm
6. A library of ghouls


1. They need new recruits, right now. You there!
2. They are about to be ambushed
3. Half are secret traitors, working for the other side
4. AHave no idea they ae lead by an incompetent fuckwit
5. Don't relalise they are lost as fuck.
6. The first thing you say to them happens to be the countersign, and you match the description for deep cover operatives, so now you’re ‘in charge’.

(All this raises the question of which monster is the mirror image to which class?)
Kenku = Thief
It can’t just be a cleric or whatever of another race, it has to be the most ‘Cleric-y’ monster.


  1. Kua-toa are the most cleric-y to my mind

  2. Ixlatsdcdsgfagh fuck it those stingray guys

  3. What is a library of ghouls? It like a library but with ghouls instead of books?

    1. I don't really know Cedric. Maybe the Ghouls are librarians? Or gnaw the books on bones?