Friday, 7 February 2014

D100 somethings (1-15)

This was meant to be a list of locations with a tiny description, benifits and threats. But I just started writing stuff down and went on from there. It's turned into a kind of rumours table and a bit average maybe?

Anyway, let me know what you think. If you like it I will go on in this vein*.

1. Rebel transsexual Drow lead a caravan of refugees.

2. A Goddess the outer-folk call ‘Night’ holds her vaulted fault not far from here. She comes and goes at predictable times, her treasury holds stars, but she takes them with her.

3. The ghost-haunted war tunnels of an abyssal jihad can take you where you need to go, but have been long sealed.

4. The final appeal is a court of the undead, hoarding the last gleam of the sun.

5. The iron eyed tribes of the Bone Beach sea can see magnetic waves, swords blind them like a bright light.

6. In a garden of the Archeans the Pistils of the metallic flowers discharge electrified bursts of pollen. Tiny flares of vermillion and azure flame.

7. In a forgotten city the stalagmites form over crouching ghouls that only wait, the stalactites above them have grown around the hanged bodies of men suspended from the vault.

8. The swirls and helices of many-coloured stone in a smooth bore climb not far from here reveal slow truths to those who survive their folds unshod by hand or foot.

9. Where two great plates of the earth meet, strange passage may be found amongst those dwelling deep. Where three meet, the Vertical City is set.

10. The waters of the Bone-Beach sea are fresh and dark, it drains into the Nightmare Sea, salt, bright with life, and sleepless.

11. The mines of Hess are haunted and hunted by a pale silvery light that leaves no survivors.

12. A thinker of the Grey Dwarves has found an iridescence in the eyes of Man, but only the most delicate subjects possess it and he seeks them everywhere.

13. The Antiphoenix loves delicate items of pure zinc. The brush of his feathers elicits  pale luminance from them.

14. The maps of the Drow show only paths you cannot take.

15. When the waters of this river flow over a certain rock the patterns in the stone seem to form words. Reading even a few of these words eats all other memory. A mage seeks their meaning but his slaves die on the rapids or swim away.

*Inadvertant humour there. 

[Just out of interest, is anyone reading this female? Sorry to be weird but I can only think of about two or three women that might be reading my stuff. (Feel free not to mention it if it wierds you out]


  1. Good stuff. These entries put my mind in a good creative space and disrupt my predictable predictableness.